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Ever now and then something comes out the blue to blow away the cobwebs and cheer up your soul. Below is such an event. I suddenly got a posting on Twitter and when I clicked the link, the below double review for my two books appeared. The more I read the more my day improved. They are two genuine reviews. Unlike the big publishing houses that can pay lots of money to get favorable reviews, the below is the honest view of my writing by a truly independent person.

So please do have a read, and also please do add this reviewers site to you site list for future book reviews, because you know at least what you read by this reviewer will be the truth.



**DOUBLE REVIEW** FRENZY & DOOM (A Daniel Jones Story 1 & 2) by Mark King
I am so glad I had Mark King‘s Daniel Jones Story brought to my attention. There is action and adventure every step of the way in this extremely well-written post-apocalyptic fantasy series! Written for YA, it’s an exciting and thrilling series for anybody age 14+. I was totally gripped – a MUST-READ series!!

And the ground shook.
And the ground shook with an almighty force.
And the ground shook with such terrifying power that once again the soul of humanity would cry out in fear tonight.
Title: FRENZY (A Daniel Jones Story #1)
Author: Mark King
Genre: Fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action/adventure
Date released: March 1st, 2013
Published by: Book Guild Publishing
Length: 226 pages

Blurb: Daniel leads a peaceful life with his family until he finds out a repulsive secret about the Over-seers, the ‘saviours of humanity’, and his security is blown to smithereens. He enters a world where death is the only certainty and quickly learns to kill – or be killed.
Enter Gwendolyn, with the charm of a snake and a bite that’s twice as dangerous. People skills aren’t her thing but she knows how to survive in a post-apocalyptic world; she’s a hotshot with a bow and arrow and can rustle up a mean rat soup.

Mary is the only person left alive over forty. She’s not too good at fighting but she knows where to find the one thing that could save their lives. Only Mary can remember life before the invasion, before humanity was brainwashed into following the procedures.

Pursued by the Over-seers, the Triclops and the barbaric hunters, can the three brave rebels triumph in their quest for survival? The odds are stacked against them – hold tight for a white-knuckle ride through a landscape of devastation!

REVIEW ***** (5* RATING)
I was blown away by Frenzy! Admittedly, it has been a while since I have read a post-apocalyptic adventure series, but author Mark Kingdrew me in with his great story-telling skills, fantasy and some brilliant characters. I was so hooked I went straight on to read the sequel, Doom!

In a world, not as we know it, but only as Daniel and future generations know, we realise that mankind is isolated in small villages, left only alive to ‘farm’ themselves ready for what they believe will be a time for rest and rewards in the ‘Achievement Centre’, which they are due to attend after their fortieth birthday. This is a world, unlike anything we know now, where humans go back to basics, with no reminders of the past, and a world run by other beings: the Over-Seers!

The story gives the reader a true sense of what it is like to be Daniel, describing his home life, daily routines and reactions perfectly. There is no holding back from description when it comes to Mark King‘s terrific writing. The reader is truly drawn in, feeling every moment as Daniel does.

Daniel is a great, young character, living in a hut with his family, and being able to live off the land, felling trees with his father, in order to trade for food. They are living a relatively comfortable life given the circumstances, aside from the usual lack of sanitary conditions and few clothes, etc. After all, this is all Daniel has ever known.

However, after celebrations of a friend departing to the Achievement Centre, Daniel and his young friends decide to wander whilst playing a game. During this turn of events, Daniel discovers something so incredibly horrifying about the Over-Seers and the future of his human friends! Even more terrifyingly, he is found out, and now has no choice but to run for his life throughout the desolate lands, for he simply cannot return to his village and safe haven of his family.

Not only does he fear the Over-Seers, and the prospect that they could attack his family if they are aware of just who he is, he has to outrun human hunters and the terrifying, ground-trembling Triclops! His insubordinate and mischievous actions have landed him in a horror he has never known. His only slight relief comes when he meets survivors Gwendolyn and Mary, who work with him in an attempt to save humanity!

Initially, Frenzy was a story I would have recommended to 11+ readers, however after learning the secret as Daniel did, and the sheer shock, horror and gore I quickly changed my mind. Frenzy, however is an exceptional read, easy to follow, yet at a nice, quick pace for the adventure it holds. You will be hooked! I would advise it for readers certainly 14yrs+.
Reviewed by Caroline Barker

Title: DOOM (A Daniel Jones Story #2)
Author: Mark King
Genre: Fantasy, post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action/adventure
Date released: December 12th, 2014
Published by: Book Guild Publishing
Length: 238 pages

Blurb: Daniel’s peaceful life has been destroyed after discovering the hideous truth about the Over-seers – the new masters of humanity. Hiding in centuries-old flint mines from Hunters and from the terrifying Triclops machines, Daniel’s recurring nightmares lead him, once more, into danger. With mankind brainwashed under the false hope of a glorious new life in the Achievement Centre, he must return home through a devastated landscape to save his father
from certain death.

Daniel reunites with two fellow fugitives – Mary and her young companion Gwendolyn – to undertake a rescue mission so dangerous that death is the only guarantee. Is it too late for Daniel’s family or is it too late for humanity itself? Daniel Jones DOOM, the exciting new sequel to FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, is another fast-paced, engrossing chronicle of three rebels who once again risk their lives in a vividly depicted world peopled by memorable new and known characters.

REVIEW ***** (5* rating)

DOOM is another incredibly written, fast-paced post-apocalyptic adventure from author Mark King. The sequel to Frenzy, it continues where we left off with young Daniel Jones surviving with Resistance veteran, Mary, and her young companion, Gwendolyn.

Daniel has begun to have terrible dreams after witnessing the horrific methods of the Over-Seers. He is also aware that it is coming up to his father’s fortieth season, where he knows his dad will be preparing for a life of rest and rewards from the Over-Seers in the Achievement Centre. After a life of being brainwashed by these beings his father, and the rest of humanity, simply have no idea of the horrors that await them. It’s simply too much for Daniel to bear; he must return to his home village to warn his family. Only that would be difficult with the Over-Seers sending Hunters and Triclops to hunt him and his companions down! This boy loves a challenge, and with his friends support they are a team to be reckoned with.

Meanwhile, we learn that the consequences of Frenzy (Daniel Jones book 1) has left John, Daniel’s father, in a tired, weary and fragile state. Not only has he lost his son to the desolate lands, without knowing why, he now also works alone, chopping down trees, with no horse to pull his cart. He is emotionally and physically drained with only the hope of the Achievement Centre to relieve him of his exhausting life.
“… but with losing his axe, his horse, and his son in the space of two days John was not going to take any risks with his chance of entering the Achievement Centre, and in receiving a lifetime of the rewards that were promised.”

I am absolutely hooked with this series, longing to read the next instalment. It is a perfect read for young adults and over, with the right dosage of action, horror and gore mixed with great dialogue, brilliant characters and an addictive storyline.
Will Daniel reach his village to warn his father? Or will be captured by the Hunters, along with his companions? Is it too late for his father to be saved? What will become of Daniel, and all of those he cares about? This truly is a MUST-READ that I would recommend to place at the top of your reading list!

Reviewed by Caroline Barker
FRENZY and DOOM, books 1 & 2 of the Daniel Jones Story were provided by the author in return for a fair and honest review.

You can purchase both following the links below:-
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Monday, 15 February 2016

All we need is love

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The first two months of the year can be a drab time, although this year January and February have probably been the mildest in living memory in the U.K. It is not normally until March, when the first buds begin to appear on plant life that has lain dormant during the winter, can you look forward to the lighter and warmer days of summer.

There is one thing that brings a small glimmer of hope during these grey times, and that is planning the family holiday. By the time March will have arrived, the wife and I would have spent quite a few enjoyable evenings searching the Internet, and dreaming about all the wonderful parts of the world and interesting places we would like to visit. It is only when you stay determined not to take your children out of school during term time are you brought down to earth with an almighty bump. Holiday prices can double in the space of just a few weeks for the holiday periods.

Then there are world events. Once you could visit every shore of the Mediterranean with nothing more to fear than sunburn or a dodgy stomach. Now various countries in this region are either suffering from civil war, terrorism, or having to cope with a tide of humanity that is overwhelming the very shorelines that normally hosted hordes of tourists. It is a pitiful sight, especially when pictures of petrified families with crying children appear on the evening news, or on the front page of your morning paper. Just two years ago, I wrote an article on this very page about a holiday my family had in Tunisia. We flew from Norwich Airport and stayed all-inclusive. Now as one county after another suffers from the negative side effects of humanity, I give thanks that my family are lucky enough to live in such a peaceful and wonderful part of the world that is Great Britian 

At the end of the day all we need is love. It's a mantra that under-pins all faith, but unfortunately can be forgotten, or abused by some religious zealots who will use humanities desire to find answers to universal questions we have about life, and it's true meaning, to further their own twisted desires. These are the very people that have impacted on my family life by effecting where we can enjoy our holiday break. It might seem trivial compared to what those poor refugees have had to suffer, either being trapped in a besieged town or city, being bombed and shot at or having to travel thousands of miles through dangerous lands, and deadly seas.

You reap what you sow, even if the other side started it first. By revenging hate with hate it won't lead to love, but just to more hate.

Love is a verb. A doing word. All of us need to do more loving and less hating, and then maybe, just maybe I would free to take my family wherever I could afford around the world without fearing nothing more nasty than sunburn or a dodgy stomach.