Friday 13 February 2015

The sniffles

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Everyone will experience colds, bugs or flu during the year if you have a young family. No matter how hard you try to keep yourself from catching such things, and suffering the miserable effects they bring, you still end up with a sore nose, throat or muscles. You can teach your children to wash their hands, and to be as conscious as possible about germs, but you can’t count on other parents being so careful with their little ones. This means you are guaranteed children will come home from school soon after the holidays with the sniffles and then you know worse is on the way. I think teachers must have an immune system that is extra resilient because if they didn’t they would be constantly on the sick list.

So far since the return to school after the Christmas holiday the family haven’t suffered too much, until now that is! The dear wife has been feeling very ruff with a stinker of a cold, and as I write this article my throat has the dry feeling that can sometimes foretell that worse is to come. By the time you read this article I may well be suffering too.

With any bug you never know how bad it’s going to be. It can be just a few days of feeling under the weather, or it could be something that seems to takes weeks to get over. And you are normally powerless to do anything to improve your situation once you feel sick other than to stock up on cough medication, and mediated hot drinks, and hope for the best.In the end if all we have to put up with is the odd cold and nothing more, I count it as a blessing because many people in the world have to go through a lot more dreadful things in their lives. 

It can be easy to feel sorry for yourself when your under the weather, or if things aren't going your way. It's times like this when you can blame others. You feel grouchy, down in the dumps and you want to cheer yourself up by pushing your pain onto someone else or something else. The best way to lift the spirit is not to blame, but to open your eyes to those around you that are helping you in your time of need. To the person who makes you a soothing hot medicated drink while you're curled up on the sofa. The person who comes round to check you are o.k, or the person who is there to listen to you while you get off your chest the daily tribulations of life.

Open your eyes, see the truth and be grateful. life will then become more positive for you.



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