Monday 20 July 2015

End of Term

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The last two weeks of term before the schools brake up in the U.K for the summer holidays are very hectic times. This year especially as my daughter is leaving her Primary School for High School.

It started with two different sports days and the parents gathered on the sports pitch hoping the rain would stay away.

Sports Day

Then there was the end of year summer dance show for my daughter at the Hollywood in Norwich. Once again parents, their siblings and grand parents gathered, and waited eagerly, for the show to start.

Dance Show

Then it was back to the school for two end of year parent assemblies plus the leavers show. One event after the other and for the mothers a very competitive environment because everyone of them wanted to be on the front row. This then involved having to get to these events at least half an hour before they started, and like the title of my blog it felt I was just always-hanging-around.

School Assembly

Our mantle piece is covered with certificates galore and medals that were presented to the children for all their hard work, and commitment, throughout the year. For some mothers no matter how many awards their little darlings get it's never enough. They would chatter among themselves. 'Well why didn't my little Johnny get this award or my little girl get that medal?'

Scout and Beavers weekend Camp

The last awards were given out at the end of the local Scout/Beaver group weekend camping. All the parents gathered at 12 pm on Sunday lunch time to collect their little ones, but all there was to see were empty tents. The troop had gone off on a hike and were no where to be seen. So once again we were hanging around, but it was worth it. All the children loved it and plenty of badges were given out. With the ones my daughter got from her Guides Group their gran-mother is going to be kept busy sowing them all onto the children's uniforms.

So another school year is over and all for a lot of my readers from around the world, from the U.S.A to the U.K to Russia, India and Africa, millions of parents will be going through the same frenzied events, and hopefully like me you will have enjoyed every moment, and been truly grateful for having the chance to experience it.



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