Friday 21 August 2015

I'm back (once again)

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Ten days off on my hols, and now it's back to normal life. 

The week leading up to our camping expedition, sorry holiday, was like the build up to most holidays, quite a stressful time. It doesn't matter what type of holiday you are looking forward too, you still have the suitcases out the weeks before you go with items placed inside ad-hock as they are thought about. Slowly they fill up and the closer the date for travelling arrives the more you find you keep double checking with each other, 'have you packed this, or have you booked that?' The travel list is never ending and when you go camping there's twice as many items to pack, and thus twice as must to worry about.

I had to get the tent out and spread it over the back lawn because we have had a family of mice living in our garage who for some reason seems to like chewing holes in the most unusual things. I kept dreading putting the tent up on site only to find holes all over the canopy roof. There were no holes thankfully although my wife has had great joy in using an old fashion mousetrap to catch three of them, and our cat has taken two as well; so I think the mouse family are no more. I was quite happy to leave them where they where and as nature intended until I had seen some of the damage they had caused to camping chairs and other various items.

We had so much to take we needed use of the Mother-in-law and her car which was full to the roof alongside ours. Once packed we headed for North Norfolk to Forest Park which is about a 45 minute drive away from where we live. We decided to stay in the U.K this year with all the trouble happening in various tourist destinations in the Mediterranean region.

We arrived at 3 pm and by 5 pm the tent was up and everything unpacked.

The Mother-in-law brought Pippin the dog who took great delight in trying to help with the erection of the tent, but other than some help by my son it was mainly daddies sweat that got the tent up, and livable. Once everyone was settled my day hadn't ended because next it was time for food and that could only mean one thing, barbecue. It was the least we could do for the Mother-in-law. So out come the charcoal and a can of beer for the chief, which was me.

As the wine flowed and the sausage sizzled I had my shorts on, and the sun on my back. The children and Pippin were running free and the ladies were soaking up the last rays of the day as they sat happily in the deck chairs chatting. It was at this point you take a moment out to think about all the previous weeks hassle, and tension, and if it was worth all the stress? But like I say there is always a but, if it had been pouring with rain, and blowing a gale, then we would have all been huddled in the tent. I wouldn't like to think what the mood would have been like then, but on this occasions it wasn't raining. There was just an amazing sun set.

And on an occasion like this the answer was yes. Yes it was worth all the hassle, but their was a little question that popped into my head. Would the good times last throughout our holiday?

Stay tuned to find out.



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