Sunday 31 January 2016

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It can be hard being a writer.You spend hours every week over a twelve month period just to get to a basic story line, then you can spend another twelve months with rewriting and editing, and then you only have a first finished draft. There is so much more that follows it can be easy for most potential authors to just give up with the first rejection. It's times like this you occasionally, well quite often, need a few words of encouragement.

On social media like Facebook or Twitter you will quite often see posts with some wise, or aspiring saying. Some of them are pointless, but some can be quite heart warming for those moments when you feel down because you have just received your latest rejection in life.

Some of those I have saved to look back on when i'm feeling down, and these I have added to this posting hoping you might find them just as useful as me.


These are just four of the sayings that I find so true in life, and hopefully you will too. Save them and keep then in a special file on your computer, or even better still print them off. You could even frame them. Stick them on a wall somewhere you pass every day, so when you pass it first thing in the morning, you can stop for a quick moment, and cheer yourself up.



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