Friday 29 July 2016

The Black Rock Grill

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The last week of the school term is finished and the summer holidays have begun, well for the children at least. That six and a half week period is a frantic time for parents trying to juggle child care, work, and keeping their little ones active. If you're lucky there might be a weeks, or hopefully two weeks, holiday away somewhere were all your cares are taken away as your pay a holiday company to do it all for you. Still even if you are lying by the pool in the sun in some hot foreign country you still have the little ones under your feet.

It was with this in mind that the wife and I decided to take the opportunity to get away for twenty-four hours of child free bliss when we received an invite for my niece's thirtieth birthday party being held at the  The Black Rock Grill at Potters Resort in the small seaside resort of Hopton. The grandparents were happy for the children to stay with them for the night, and as I have family in Lowestoft we booked in the Travel Lodge in the north part of town.

The eating experience at the Black rock is just that, an experience both off us have never encountered before. As the name suggests you are served with platters of different uncooked meats, and fish, and then a stunningly hot square slab of Black Rock is placed in-front of every individual. You then pick your meat, and cook it yourself on your hot rock. There is a constant supply of side orders and for just three pound fifty you can order an extra platter of exotic meats. This is what I did and was duly served a plate of sliced Kangaroo, Shark and Wild Boar. The restaurant itself has large windows over looking the surrounding countryside, and in the far distance you can see the bright lights of Great Yarmouth.

We both truly enjoyed ourselves and afterwards we all headed towards South Lowestoft to finish the night at The King Alfred Pub. I do not know what time we made it back to our hotel room, but it was late that is all I can say. The next day we took the sort walk to the Potter Kiln for an all you can eat English Breakfast, and once we had checked I drove to the coastal village of Corton, where we sat on top of the cliffs as the sun blazed down while a slight sea breeze cooled our sweaty brows.

The grandparents brought the children back to ours about five thirty on Sunday evening, and we all sat in the garden enjoying the setting sun, while drinking iced drinks, under the protective cover of the parasol. The children had had a wonderful time, that only grand parents can provide, visiting my brother and his girl friend in Framlingham, plus their collection of pets, and they were all stuffed on barbecue he had cooked. We all went to bed happily nice and early, but more importantly, nice and relaxed.

I think there can't be a truer saying than, "absent makes the heart grow fonder." because sometimes everyone needs time away to recharge the batteries.




  1. This place looks really nice and it seems like you all enjoyed this day a lot. I am also planning such a fun family party on my upcoming birthday. I want a royal themed party so please suggest some affordable royal themed venues in San Francisco.

    1. Hi, I've never been to San Francisco, but can't help you there. Although it's on my list of places to visit one day.