Monday 6 February 2017

Sir John Hurt

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I have to start my posting today in acknowledging the death of actor I have admired over the years in Sir John Hurt. He was a fellow lover of my home county of Norfolk, and someone who would have been the perfect actor to play the part of a new character who is introduced in the third book in my Daniel Jones series. There are fleeting glimpses of him in both Daniel Jones Frenzy and Daniel Jones Doom if you know where to look, but it's not until my new manuscript he finally appears.

Sir john Hurt played the lead role in the film 1984 from one of my all time favorite books by the author George Orwell. The story line has always affected my outlook on life, especially when it comes to the elites that hold power over us. I've always thought another book of Geroge Orwell's, Animal Farm, is the perfect example of how elites come to power and that 1984 then shows how they manage to hold onto that power. Even in western democracies, the three tenants used by all autocratic powers to keep the masses in check of mass surveillance, the constant fear of an outside threat, and the knowledge that most people will spout whatever is the controlling dogma at the time, is used, but in a more subtle way.

It was such a shame  George Orwell died so young because humanity has missed out on some possible wonderful books by a great story teller. At least Sir John Hurt lived to what would be called a good old age and he did do well to reach it. He would have been the first to admit, I would think, that he had a bit of a reputation for being a hell-raiser during his life, and that just makes me like him even more. I never got the chance to meet him and would have loved to have spent the afternoon with Sir John in my local pub sinking a few drinks and listening no doubt to some great stories of events in is life and the people that had passed through it.

One day it is my dream to see my books translate to the big screen or television and if it happens during my lifetime I would love to be able to attend the set and watch the actors playing the different characters in my books. It would have been even better if Sir John Hurt was still alive to be one of them, but he has gone from this world but he has left behind will be enjoyed for generations to come. I do hope the same will be said about me when my time comes for the final kiss good-bye.



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