Friday 23 June 2017

Six weeks

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 Six weeks, that's all it's been!

When I was a child the school holidays seemed to take forever to arrive, but now I'm an adult they seem to arrive ever so quickly. It's been six weeks since the family returned from our holiday on the Canary Islands and the children are off school for the half term holidays.

It's been just over six weeks since I badly twisted my ankle on that start of the holiday and I've made about an eighty percent recovery. It's been six lost weeks of training for the Run Norwich 10k  and six weeks of putting back on the weight I had lost in the weeks leading up to the holiday. The swelling has gone down although it still aches and feels stiffer than before I twisted it. I have only just started to run again; well I say run, but it's more like a fast walk. The few days I just hobbled around just a fraction of the normal circuit I cover as I tried to rebuild not only my strength, but also my confidence. At the present time, I do have a nagging doubt that I will be able to complete the Run Norwich 10k in early August.  I entered last year for the fist time and was so happy when I completed it that I boasted of my plans to be running a half marathon within twelve months.

As they say, the best-laid plans of mice and men! In my case, at the moment I feel more like a lumbering elephant. It is a shame because running is more than just good for your physical health it's also very good for one's mental health. Some doctors are even daring to recommend it rather just handing over a fist full of drugs and sending patients their way.  Of course, the large multi-national drug companies do not like it, but me personally I think exercise should be prescribed for a lot of illnesses before hooking people on a never ending stream of pills.

So I've started running, or hobbling as the case may be and only for half the distance, and speed, as I slowly try to increase the strength of my ankle, and my own confidence. If I make the Norwich 10k is another matter so watch this space to see if I do.



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