Monday 4 June 2018

The Season Ends


As one grows up you start to look for more of a consistency in life. The constant roller coaster of youth with its magnificent highs followed by the headlong surge to the lows become less appealing once you’ve battered the hell of out of life. Three days of non-stop parting over most weekends followed by the slog of work that takes you to Wednesday evening to fully recover from doesn’t seem so appealing after a decade or three; although for me as the author of the Daniel Jones series of books, thankfully my work/life balance is quite good now. Be it work, pleasure, your finances, family or friendships you generally like things to be more level, consistent, and even predictable as you mature.

But, and as Mary likes to say in my books, “there is always a but in life!” There is one big thing that you still want those highs even if they are followed by crashing lows, and were predictability is not always positive, and that is football! One of my great passions in life is my team Norwich City and for the first time in many seasons, they have neither been fighting for promotion or relegation. Since the first week in February they have been level mid-table in the Championship, consistent in their inconsistency with a predictable outcome of neither making the play-offs or being relegated. The only high moment achieved was the late equalising goal against our local rivals from Suffolk, Ipswich Town, at Carrow Road.

Football is the only thing now where I’m prepared to put up with the highs and lows, and where I’m prepared to have something in my life that I have no psychical control over that can still dictate the mood of my weekend, and where mid-table predictability is just not good enough. But there is always that hope that next season will be better, and in this world where human madness rains down on us with the daily news, I’m glad there is still something in life that inspires some hope. 



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