Tuesday 5 November 2013

American import

FRENZY a Daniel Story by Mark King

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The make up was on, the cloths were looking stylish, and the mood was just right for a night out. Was it the weekend? Was the wife spending a night out on the town? No it was the 31st of October All Hallows evening or what is better known as Halloween.

The children were very excited and had been looking forward to the evening so by the time the sun said its good byes, and night had descended, they were transformed into Dracula and a witch, with the help of fancy dress, and some face-paint.

Arrangements had been made with a neighbouring family to join together so while the ladies went out into the darkness with the little ones in toe I stayed at home to answer the door, and hand out the sweets.

The grandparents had provided a scary looking pumpkin which they had grown themselves. I placed it on our driveway and left the porch light on, so letting trick or treater's know that they were welcome to knock on our door.

The first started to arrive just as the family walked out at about 6pm and for the next hour there was a steady stream of people at the door. A whole host of little children dressed as zombies, witches, Dracula, ghosts, and assorted monsters. "Trick or treat" they would call out when I opened the door and I would give them some sweets, plus the odd one to the their parents who stood in the dark shivering. Occasionally I popped one in my mouth so by 7.15 when my two smiling, and very happy children, came bundling through the front door I was on a sugar high.

By 7.30 the treats were gone, the pumpkin put away, the porch light tuned off, and there were no further people at our door. Halloween is one of those events that seem to split the adult population in the U.K into two different camps. The first are those like my family who make the most of it, and then the second group who don't like it because generally they see Halloween as an American import.

Well America is a country that has willing welcomed people from every corner of the world, no matter what their background, taken the best of what these people have to offer, and then moulds it into something which we can all enjoy. I can't help but admire any country that can does this, and Halloween sums up what freedom is all about; it's about choice. You have to choose to leave the porch light on, open the door, and hand out sweets, or you can choose to leave the light off, the door closed with your feet up, and enjoy whatever flicks your switch on a cold, dark night.

Of course on the 5th of November we celebrate one of the major events in U.K history, and that's Guy Fawk's Night. A time for bonfires, plenty of fireworks, and for burning the Guy. For my readers around the round we celebrate this night in remembrance of the day when a plot to blow up the British parliament by Mr Guy Fawks and his gang was foiled.

But this time it will be myself standing outside in the cold as I set light to a host of fireworks, and boy am I looking forward to that.



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