Friday 8 November 2013

The Big Bang

FRENZY a Daniel Jones story

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Bang Bang Bang. No not the first line in chapter one of FRENZY a Daniel Jones story, but the noise above our heads as the family stood in the garden on a dark, damp night on November the 5th. To my readers around the world this date is a major event in the history of the U.K. In fact it's possibly one of the most important dates in world history.

November the 25th is Guy Fawkes's night, the date the citizens in this country celebrate the day Guy Fawkes and his gang of fellow catholic conspirators failed in their bid to blow up the houses of parliament; the very day when every branch of the British establishment from the Monarchy, the Church of England, the members of parliament, and finally the Lords of the land were gathered.

They wanted to return the country back to the Catholic fold after the it's split from Rome, and turn it away from its new Protestant path. If they had succeed then the whole world would be a different place as we know it today. Every empire needs a rival that it fears to become truly dominant. A fear which pushes it on to ever greater achievements in it quest for security. The Greeks had the Persians, Rome had Carthage, The British had the French/ Spanish catholic alliance, and America had Communism.

If Guy and his gang had blown the whole British establishment into smithereens then my homeland would have stayed a small country on the edge catholic Europe. There would have been no empire. There would have been no countries called the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India or Singapore . No world universal language called English. No parliamentary democracy in the majority of countries around the world. No industrial revaluation. No one to stand up to the Nazis in 1940. The list goes on and on from science through to the arts, music, and finally literature. Maybe FRENZY a Daniel Jones story will never have been published!

So there I stood with the lighted taper in hand while I bent over the firework trying to light it. Once it sparked into life I scuttled back to the patio doors where the family huddled at what we hoped was a safe distance. The light would be flicked off to be followed a few seconds later by the whizz and bang of exploding gun-powder. Brightly coloured sparks shot into the air followed by bellowing smoke, and occasionally the sound of crashing spent firework cases on the neighbour's roof tiles.

The children (myself included) played with the sparklers drawing make belief pictures and words in the dark. A break was taken for supper. We crammed myself, my dear wife and the children, my mother-in-law, and my wife's brother, plus my parents around the kitchen table as we feasted on Norfolk sausages from the local butcher's, jacket potatoes, baked beans, rolls, fried onions, grated cheese, and mugs of tea. This was finished off with home made apple pie and ice-cream.

The second half of the display went along the same lines as the beginning except for the very end. I had bought one of those special box set of fireworks were you light a single fuse, and stand back to watch your own mini display that last for a couple of minutes. It wasn't as good as the town council display that was bursting into the air from the park just up the road, but with the two going on at the same time we all enjoyed the duel display, and had a wonderful time in the process.

Now every country has its special date that its citizens celebrate. America has Thanks-giving and most of the countries that once made up the British empire will celebrate their own Independence day. This doesn't include the religious holiday's most people on this planet observe no matter what your religious belief. Whatever date you look forward the one thing we all have in common is that celebrating is something best shared with other people; in fact it's almost impossible to celebrate unless there are other people to share the moment with. So if you have something coming up, pick up the phone, send an email or text, or just knock on their door of somebody who maybe on their own, and ask them to celebrate with you.



  1. Very moving piece of writing.

  2. Thank you and keep reading as there is more tocome