Friday 30 May 2014

It doesn't just rain it pours.

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Just days after I posted my last one commenting on the weather and how nice, and sunny, it has been the British weather lived up to it reputation, and now we have suffered days of showers. As I start this blog it isn't just raining it it absolutely poring down. My back garden looks as if it could flood and all this is happening when the schools have broken up for term time holiday.

Normally children can keep themselves occupied for a day if they can go outside to play, but when it's raining, and when it carries on day after day, and they aren't at school they not only start to go stir crazy, but they will also send you crazy.

For a lot of my followers around the world who are parents, and who live in sunny climates, especially in the Middle East, this may not be a problem, but in the U.K it's one of the things you have to live with. I've finished my draft to Daniel Jones Doom the sequel to Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story and I'm glad I have because it can become almost impossible to write at home when you have two young bored children running about.

We all have dreams and as one dream comes true then another one pops into your head. My dream was to become a published author which I have now achieved with Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story which is available in over twenty different countries, and hopefully next year Daniel Jones DOOM will be released. I'm already thinking about my third book, and as the children drive me crazy this rain soaked week, I dream of having a little boat somewhere on the broads that I can use as a writing studio. Somewhere I can escape to first thing in the morning, somewhere I can write in peace, and then just lock up and leave at the end of the day when I've finished to return home to my family.

Children soon grow up so we should enjoy their youth with them because before you know it they will have grown up and left home, but then again sometimes we all need just a little time to ourselfs.



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