Friday 23 May 2014

Time of year for the bike.

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The Sun has been out in the U.K all week and it's been great.

But when the sun comes out so do the family bikes and the other afternoon I spent an hour in the garage pumping up wheels and oiling the chains on the family's bikes. On Monday morning the sun was out in full force, the heat had already warmed up the day so there was no excuse for not doing the school run on the bikes. The children love to bike and when the weather is this good it's quite an enjoyable experience; especially on the return journey when you haven't got to peddle like a mad-man to keep up with the kids who go shooting off without a care in the world.

As a parent you are always looking out for their safety, always thinking about any possible unseen dangers they may face on the journey; dangers they are oblivious too like cars pulling out of driveways, and drivers opening side doors. The list of possible hazards can seem endless and you could worry yourself to the point where you never take a risk, or allow you children take them.

It's only natural and it can be hard to fight these urges, but fight them you must if you want your little ones to experience life to the full, and more importantly to make mistakes, and for them to learn for themselves. Then again going with human history we don't always learn from our mistakes. Time and time again humanity falls down in its own ignorance in its failure to learn from history. We as a species seem to go round and round in circles in a never ending cycle of madness hoping that somehow if we only increase the madness we might actually win this time!

Again and again people use violence against their fellow human-beings and again and again only love has been shown to truly work.

Why we all find it so hard to give love a chance instead of turning to hate every time we have a squabble with each other is a hard question to answer, and no doubt if you tried to answer it two different people would disagree, and it would end up in a fight.

All I know is that I love life and it's the most beautiful gift given to us.



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