Friday 20 June 2014

It's like having another child

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It's been such a busy week. When  I first sat down to write this weeks blog I had to ponder what I would mention. On Thursday I had the pleasure of being able to watch the latest filming taking place at Norwich Cathedral. Forget about Hollywood or even Bollywood the hottest place for filming is now Nollywood. This is the second major project filmed at the Cathedral in three years with the last being the movie Jack the Giant Killer, and generally there seems to be filming taken place somewhere in or around Norwich, or Norfolk, all the time.

The weekend is even busier with the school summer fate, birthday invites for the children, a fun raising evening for the local Brownie's troop, and a wedding at the parish church on Saturday, but the one thing that is keeping my hands full is Pippin the Dog. The mother-in-law is off to Royal Ascot so we have volunteered to look after the puppy for a couple of nights.

It's like having another child and I must say a rather cheeky chappy at that. He arrived early on Thursday afternoon and we have the pleasure of his company until Saturday afternoon. I've had to make the house Pippin proof which basically means having to close every door to every room, and removing everything out of his reach. All he wants to do is play which can be fun (sometimes) but when you are trying to get dressed to go to the gym at 6.30 am and you have to chase Pippin around the room because he has got your sports socks firmly between his jaws can tire you out quicker than a spinning class.

At this very moment he is laid out on the sofa next me as I write. He looks so sweet you could easily think that butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, but I know one thing, if you left a piece of butter within reach he would gobble it down quicker than I could chase him out of the kitchen.

Last night when we put him to bed he didn't want to go. He sat there with his big brown eyes looking up at me. A little whimper came stabbing into my heart, and the more I tried to look away the louder the whimper became. The wife and I sat in the lounge trying to ignore him and memories came flooding back to when our own children where just babies. We would lay them down for the night and they if they didn't like it they would let us know. We hated it but never gave in to them. It came seem tough love at the time, but within a short while they soon learnt they couldn't get their own way and ever since they have gone to bed at 7.30 pm without a problem.

But like I say there is always a but, Pippin like my own children soon learn how to twist you to their own advantage. They smother you with some love and you can't help but return it with twice as much intensity. It's at this point they hit you with a demand and before you know it they have won.




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