Saturday 13 December 2014

Christmas Frenzy

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It's a hectic time of year for anyone with a young family as we hurtle through this festive season. Every single group seems to want to put on something special to celebrate Christmas, and with the school there seems to be something different every week that needs to be done because of some event they are putting on. From the Christmas fair, nativity plays, parties, there is always something we have to make for the children, or send them to school in some special clothing. When you add on all the after school clubs like Beavers, Guilds, football, athletics, music, it goes on and on, and so does the stress and expense for us parents.

Gifts for the stalls and prizes for the draws, cakes and costumes for the shows, and then there is the taxi service as you shuffle not only your own children, but others too whose parents can't do it because of work reasons, or they just can't get any child cover for their other children. By the end of Christmas it leaves us looking towards the New Year and hopefully a short break before the school term begins once again.

Schools in Norfolk close on the 19th and all the clubs my children attend stop as well as the wonderful volunteers who give their time for free get a well-deserved break. Then the real excitement begins as they both wait eagerly for the big day. My daughter may be too old now to truly believe in Father Christmas, although not that old she will totally dismiss it, but my son is still a firm believer in the power of Santa.

As the verger at the parish church the little ones still know the true meaning of Christmas as a time to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus, and that it's not just a time for self-interested consumerism. The local schools' naivety plays were held within the church building, and we will hopefully find time to visit one of the two Crib services on Christmas Eve. My daughter will be singing in the church carol service a week on Sunday with the whole family attending, and it's during moments like this that the real spirit of Christmas fills your soul with joy.

I think if you celebrate Christmas although you consider yourself a non-practising Christian, then you should try out just one of the many different types of services held over the festive period, because it just adds a little warmth within your heart during these cold nights and days.



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