Monday 15 June 2015

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If the week is busy enough then most weekends are just manic in the King Household. There always seem to be a frenzy of activity that keeps the doom away. Just like Daniel Jones the hero in my series of books, every time I think one challenge is over another event pops up. Although I'm not complaining because for most people life is hectic on a day to day bases especially if you have young children. This is why I do appreciate it when other people give up their spare time to volunteer for groups and clubs that children enjoy.

Last Saturday was the end of season fair and prize giving for my son's local football club. This club brings so much enjoyment to so many boys, and girls, who love playing football (soccer to my American readers). The club is run totally by volunteers with no external funding other than money that is raised by the club. The above picture shows some of the dedicated people who give up their precious spare time almost every week so my son can enjoy, learn and grow in a safe sporting environment. At the end of the day all the coaches lined up so the children could whip themselves into a frenzy of fun with the annual soak the coaches event where they get the chance to soak them with wet sponges. All that hard work the coaches put in throughout the year, and at the end of it they drenched.

Then the next day my son's football team played at a football tournament hosted by Catton Juniors Football club. It's a major feat of organisation, and I must say very well run too. It's a two day event involving hundreds of junior players of all ages. It took a lot of volunteers to make it run successfully, and safely, and was a credit to every single person involved. There were food tents, a beer tent, First Aid tent, bouncy castles, car park marshals, referees, administrators, Ice cream van, play area, dozens upon dozens of coaches, administrators, and no doubt a host of other volunteers behind the scenes that have worked very hard, and for free, to make the football tournament work.

My son and all his friends loved the whole day although after six hours of football on a lovely British sunny day the tempers of some people were starting to get a bit frayed. There was the odd tear from children on the loosing sides, and the odd parent too who just took things too seriously, but all in all it was a great experience for everyone involved. I was there with my wife and mother-in-law. My daughter turned up just in time for the medal presentation as she had been away on a Girl-guild camping weekend. Another thing staged totally by unpaid volunteers and somethings she loves. As for the brave women that had to keep a large group of boisterous, near teenage, girls occupied for 48 hours I can only say they must be angles, and how this adults survived such an event only god will know.



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