Monday 8 June 2015

The come down

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After the absolute stunning Bank holiday weekend in Norwich with the Norwich City of Ale Festival 2015 and the BBC Radio One Big Weekender, plus Norwich City's fantastic win at Wembley in the Championship Play Off final, you would expect me the following week or so to be on downer. For the moody blues to lay me low while I rejoin reality, but I haven't

Every day I have been listening to Radio One on the BBC as they relived their visit to Norwich. Re-playing the live acts, the interviews etc. Every time they did I would be transported bank to that weekend, and the happy memories would lift my spirit as the people, and groups, shown here that played in Norwich lifted my whole mood.

That's the thing about music. It has the ability to transport you to another time, another place. If it's an uplift tune that brings back happy memories, or some deep song that lets you grieve over sadder times; music has the power to stir our emotions.

I don't think there is any other creative art form that can achieve this. Books, painting, sculpture, dance they can all be enjoyable, but very rarely do they have the same effect as music. I can't play any instrument or read music, and this is possible the only regret I have so far throughout my life in something I have not yet done.

Because of this I'm pleased that both my children are mastering individual instruments. My daughter is an excellent flute player and will be taking her grade 5 exam this month; which isn't bad for a child still at primary school who only took up playing the flute three years ago. My younger son is at the early stage of learning to play the ukulele, and he has me singing, my dog had fleas, as he strums away.

I've always said to myself that one day when I had the spare time I would pay for a music teacher to patiently teach me, and they would have to be patient, the fine art of reading music and how to play an instrument. I would love to be able to play either the guitar, piano or better still the drums. I think the drums would probably be the quickest instrument to learn, and boy o boy would it be fun. I'm always tapping away and it sends my wife crazy. She's always telling me to stop it in her annoyed tone of voice, so just think how maddening  it would be for her?

Then again if I had a drum set in the spare room and she was winding me up I could just go upstairs to let out all my frustration by playing the drums to my hearts content. Now that would be sweet justice!




  1. I'm sure you would be just as inspirational playing an instrument as you have been writing your books...good luck :-)

  2. I'm sure you would be just as inspirational playing an instrument as you have been writing your books...good luck :-)