Saturday 31 October 2015

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The last week of October holds a special day for. My birthday. It's also half term week for the local schools, and then of course we have that ultimate international fusion of history, Halloween. Some people in the U.K see Halloween as an American import, but in fact it was a tradition imported into the U.S.A from the first immigrants into the country. Then the melting pot that is America commercialised it, just like Christmas, and then exported it back to the world.

This year my birthday fell on a Monday. Two years a go it obviously fell on a Saturday when my local football team Norwich City F.C where playing at Carrow Road. On that day Kim the landlord of the  Steam Packet put on some bar food for free to celebrate my big day, and after the game plenty of friends joined me for one hell of a party night. And what a ruddy good night it was.

This year I decided to have a quite family affair. The wife made a three tier cake to go alongside the home made pizza, and garlic bread. My parents came around and I waited until the evening when everyone was present to open all my cards and gifts.

The cake was just lovely and soon got eaten.

As the week progressed I decided to let the wife have a sleep in one day, and to treat the children. We like our food in the King family. We're not fussy eaters and I don't worry too much about the latest food fad, or scare. Eat well, sleep well then you will live well. It's as simple as that.

So on Wednesday morning while the wife was tucked up in bed I took the children to The Denmark Cafe in Norwich. It's my favourite, and the children love it too. Quite often I will phone my dad, and ask if he would like to come, and I treat him as well. So there we are, three generations of the King family getting stuck into a traditional Full English breakfast.

Some food snobs might look down on the British cuisine, but I ask you this one question. What is the one dish wherever you travel around the world that will be on the breakfast menu of every hotel no matter what its star rating?

The answer is!

The Full English Breakfast.

There will also be a Continental option as well, but everyone tucks into a Full English. So tuck in we did with mugs of English tea as well. You just can't beat it. 

So the week started with the clocks going back an hour in the U.K, officially declaring winter is here. Then we have the children at home for the school holidays followed by my birthday. Add in the the breakfast treat as the week progressed, and then ending with Halloween, I can truthfully say it has been a busy week, and one I have fully enjoyed.



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