Saturday 7 November 2015

Painful end to the week

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As soon as Halloween is finished we then have Guy Fawkes night, or as most people call it now, fireworks night. For my readers around the world who may not know the story of this annual celebration; it's basically to commemorate the day on the 5th of November 1605 when a group of catholic plotters, who tried to blow up the British Parliament, were stopped. If it's true that the Russian plane that crashed in Egypt this week was caused by a bomb, then nothing has really changed in four hundred and ten years, people trying to blow up other people in the name of religion. 

In the local park just a short walk from where I live there is an annual fire works display, and fair, organised by the council. Some years we go to this, and other years I will put on my own little display in our back garden. We have the parents around for some food first. The traditional baked potato, beans, sausages, fried onions and grated cheese; with mugs of tea to keep away the chill of the autumn night . Once everyone has had their fill we then have sparklers, and then it's finished off with my grand display. This year we decided to go to the local park.


That was the plan, but for me it never happened. Thursday morning didn't start too well. I got a slight pain in my lower back first thing in the morning, that just got worse as the day went on, and as I write this blog I am now in ruddy agony. So I never made it to the park. The rest of the family went. I was stuck indoors on my own with a hot water bottle, and plenty of pain killers. Back pain is my one punishment for living well, and thus carrying too much weight around my belly. My lower back will just give way for no other reason, and I end up hobbling about like a man in his nineties.

This is something I have written about in the past on several occasions. When I first started writing FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story I had ruptured my spine, and it was a living hell. Every time I suffer a bout of lower back pain I prey its not that again, and also say to myself that this time I'm really going to loose some weight. then once the pain killers start to work, and my back loosens up, and the pain subsides, then life goes gets back to normal.

So it's been a painful end to the week, but there is one positive about it. When I'm incapacitated there's not much I can do other than sit and write. For both Frenzy and Daniel Jones Doom I found my most creative periods were when this happened, and at the moment I am finding the same with Revenge, the third book in the series.

So maybe the saying, 'there is a silver lining in every cloud,' could be true.



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