Sunday 22 November 2015

Following your dreams.

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We all dream, not just when we are asleep, but during the working day. We all have them moments when our mind isn't being actively used to do some task or another, and it just drifts off. Where too? Only you will know!

Some people get to full fill there's, and others just drift through life dreaming about it. Sometimes you're not quite sure what it is you want in life. You can be swamped by so many ambitions that you become overwhelmed, and achieve non of them. Over ambition is as deadening as no ambition at all. 

Some people achieve theirs at an early age, like most sport stars. When I was just a young boy I dreamt about being the team captain of Norwich City Football Club and scoring the wining goal in the F.A Cup Final at Wembley Stadium, but I never quite made it pass playing football with my friends down the local park.

As I grew older I thought more and more about writing stories. I've always had a very vivid imagination, and then one day out of the blue I decided to quit my job, in the middle of the worst world recession in living memory to write my first manuscript. The award winning, Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story was the first book after two years of very hard work; followed another two years later by the sequel, Daniel Jones Doom. Now I'm working on the third book in the Daniel Jones series titled, Revenge. 

Anyone can follow their dreams if given enough confidence. The wife has always loved taking pictures. It could be annoying on occasions, like on holidays, as she snapped away with her camera taking family photo's, one after the other. We could all be around the table in a lovely restaurant, by the waters edge in a Mediterranean country, waiting to start the first course, and she would be there with her camera taking pictures.

So after a little bit of nudging she has now started a photography course. 

It started off with the basics like the picture above. Every week she goes to her course on a Tuesday and comes home talking about this technical thing or that setting. She has home-work to do every week on different subjects. Like flowers and buildings, and has to take pictures in all different ways, and with different camera settings.

And every week the quality of her photos becomes more and more professional. Last Sunday as I cooked the roast lunch she came into the kitchen, and then disappeared with my glass of wine to the dining room, which she had turned into a make shift studio.

I eventually got it back half an hour later! But then she took away my cooking spices. In fact every time she returned an item, she would then take something else.

She even started to wonder off with the vegetables. Her artistic enquiry seemed to have no bounds that Sunday lunch time, and I nearly had nothing to cook with, or drink.

She eventually finished and so did I with the cooking. As the family sat around the kitchen table, my young son was next to me and said. "Dad one day I'm going to play for Norwich City and win the F.A Cup." I leaned over, kissed him on the head and replied, "that's it my son, always follow your dreams."



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