Tuesday 8 December 2015

To change or not to change.

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As I write the third book on the Daniel Jones series I have been pondering on the title. I had good intentions of calling it Daniel Jones REVENGE, but like I often say there is always a but. As the story unfolds I begin to think that maybe I should change the title of the book to, Daniel Jones and the REVENGE of the Over-seers! Some days I find my thoughts drifting off to the title, to the detriment of my writing.

FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story was initial titled, Daniel Jones and the Quest for the Golden Shield. Then I changed it to FRENZY! Unfortunately there was already a book published under that heading so my first book then became, FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story. With hind-sight I wish now I had given it the title Daniel Jones FRENZY. I like the word Frenzy because it sums up perfectly the fast paced nature the story takes as it unfolds. Daniel's life becomes a frenzy of survival when he finds out the terrible truth of the Over-seers.

With the second book, Daniel Jones DOOM, I had no problems with the title. It summed up perfectly the ending of the book, and the doom he was to face. So here I am now writing the third manuscript, and so far it's turning out to be a packed, non stop, adventure thriller, with the usual mix of science fiction and horror. Because of this I think Revenge could be used for another time, and a new title may be needed to best sum up what a corking third book this is going to be.

Daniel Jones RUN has popped into my mind on various occasions, and then I thought about shortening it to just Daniel's RUN. I even came up with the option of, Run Daniel Run! It's funny how you can find yourself thinking about simple little things like this. I've already got an image of the front cover in my head. Just like Frenzy and Doom it would have a simple fading, single colour, background, in black, with the main title in gold lettering, and with blood spilling down from the second letter. Although all three books have very simple designs, it's features like these that can became design classics over time. 

It may seem silly as a writer to be thinking so far forward about things like titles, and cover designs, but for any aspiring author out there, you are always having to think three steps ahead. It's o.k if you are one of the worlds best selling authors because your publisher will have a big team of experts who can do the thinking for you when it comes to things like I just mentioned, and other things too like marketing of the book, plus promoting your image.

Then again even the worlds best, like my name sake Stephen King still has a lot of input into all the processes that makes a successful book, but they will have a team around them to make it a bit easier. So here I am pondering about the title as I write the third manuscript, and either which way I go with the final title, I know one thing for sure.

The third book is going to be just as good as the first and second, and then maybe even better. The characters are growing, not only with each book but with each chapter too, into a unique team of individuals; while the baddies just keep on getting badder. I don't think you can ask for much more than that! 

I'm always open to suggestions, so if you think you could suggest, or wish to have a chance to name the third book in the Daniel Jones series then please fell free to email me at, markkingtheauthor@gmail.com. 



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