Thursday 24 December 2015

Christmas cheer

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Christmas is here once again. This year it seemed to suddenly appear out of no where. Maybe it's because of the weather this winter. As foretold in my first book, FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, the seasons of the year seemed to have swapped places. It's been warmer in the U.K over the last month than it was during many periods in the summer. The British population are starting to find out what it feels like to celebrate an event that is normally associated with cold, snowy, dark winter days and nights. Just as many Americans, Australians and any other Christians living in a hot climate during this festive period.

There may be other reasons I haven't been in such a jolly Christmas mood. My back is still playing up and although I'm no longer crippled I have a trapped nerve that causes me daily pain. But in the last two weeks as the song goes, " it's starting to look a bit like Christmas." It all started with the Thorpe Christmas lights switch on, fair and fireworks display. 

The crowds mingled among all the different stalls of the fair set out along the main road next to River Green that was closed for the occasion, and the little children enjoyed the rides.

And the evening was finished off with a fireworks display from the island as the house boats that are moored there, lit up their floating homes with their own festive lights. The whole event is put together by the town council and is organised, and run, by volunteers. local groups like the Guides held a Christingle service in the Parish church. It's a uniquely British affair that brings the whole community together, which is something many people have forgotten about in our over commercialised world.

Ten days later on a warm Wednesday night the whole family travelled two miles up the road to Norwich Cathedral as my child's school Christmas carol concert was being held within the majestic arches of this ancient building. 

It was a very emotional, and I must say a very enjoyable evening. The organist gently played as the local dignitaries from Thorpe, and the school, along with the parents gathered for the concert. Suddenly all the lights went out, and everyone sat in silence; then from behind the screen the voices of the school choir began to gently sing the hymn "Once in Royal David's City." Then with candles alight they paraded around the great hall in the darkness as they carried on singing. It brought a tear to my eye.

My son stayed awake just long enough to see his older sister play the flute at the front of the audience before he fell asleep, with his head resting against my arm that was placed across the back of his chair. He looked so angelic I didn't have the heart to wake him up when everyone stood up to sing carols, so I had to stay seated, and tried my best to sing with a hearty voice.

So now it's Christmas Eve and although we are having probably the warmest winter on record in the U.K, so it doesn't have the physical feel of Christmas, after these two wonderful events I finally feel in the Christmas spirit. So to all my readers around the world, whatever you beliefs, or even lack of belief in faith or religion, I wish you all a peaceful yule tide, and a prosperous New Year.



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