Tuesday 15 March 2016

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As I started to write this posting with the computer on my lap, resting on a couple of pillars, and the F.A Cup quarters finals live on the television; I could hear my youngest coughing in the background as he struggled to get to sleep. The wife was out with her girly friends painting the town red while I was on child sitting duties. It was not so long ago that I could say I was staying in baby sitting for the night, but with my oldest now at high school that's no longer the case.

I had the weekend to look forward too, My youngest was playing in his teams' semi-final cup game on Saturday morning, and afterwards I was off to Carrow Road for the Norwich v Man City game. Then I was spending the evening with my mates taking my turn to paint the town red. Sunday I planned to start training for the Norwich 10K Run. My wife kindly entered me as well as herself (although at the time for some reason I thought it was only a 5K run!)

Then my plans went flying out the window. I was woken up at 2 am on Saturday by my son. He was in distress. By 9 am we were heading to the accident and emergency department at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. When we finally got him home we sat on the sofa together watching the Sky Sports News Channel while he cuddled in my arms, and that was the nearest I got to my Saturday plans. I didn't get to go for a run either on the Sunday as I nursed my son, and cooked the family a traditional British Roast dinner. To be truthful I wasn't that keen on going for a run, and when the wife decided to go for one with one of her pals from her running club I was quite happy to once again look after the children.

I finally started the training on Monday afternoon. It was only for forty minutes, although it was probably more of a speed walk than a run. The sun was out, but there was a chilly breeze that smacked you in the face when you ran into the wind, but I did find it enjoyable once I got home. I've now got until August to get myself in shape for the 10K run. My plod around Thorpe did help to relieve some of the stress that I endured over the weekend, but at the end of the day a father's love for his kids should always come before anything else.



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