Sunday 3 April 2016

A close shave.

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The days are getting warmer as the day light hours spread even further into the evening. The birds singing their early morning calls will soon start just after 4am waking up the light sleepers among us. Lighter garments have replaced our winter clothes, and for some people even their hairstyles will get shorter. The only thing that seems to be getting thicker is men’s beards. I prefer the clean shave look, although I have had the odd failed attempt at growing more than just a few days growth.

Although Christmas has long gone I still had one present to use. My wife had bought a voucher for a cutthroat razor shave at Swagger and Jacks. When she purchased the gift the advice was that for best effect at least five days growth would be required. Eventually as the days got longer, I decided to use it before the heat of summer arrived. I went ten days without a shave, which is a record for me.

I entered into the plus looking interior and the staff greeted me with a smile. They offered me a comfortable chair to wait for my barber, and a cup of coffee too. I looked at all the staff beavering away. They all sported neatly trimmed beards.  I did wonder at this stage if they had any experience with a cutthroat, but I need not have worried. Once in the seat the Barber explained the process to me, and as I lay back with my eyes closed, he treated me to an hour of sear man pampering. 

It was a truly relaxing experience. I started off by thinking about some of the deadly scenes in my two books, Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story and Daniel Jones Doom, were various characters meet their own doom at the end of a sharp instrument, but by the end I could have fallen asleep it was that relaxing.
I have contemplated if I could beat my ten-day record for growing facial hair so I could pay Swagger and Jacks another visit, but then again you never need an excuse for some pampering, no matter what your gender.



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