Saturday 19 November 2016

Withernsea ( part four)

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After the visit to #Scarborough, the weather began to improve and the family finally got to spend a sunny day on Withernsea  beach. It's a stony one until the tide goes out. Then there is a long stretch of sand. We took a picnic with us and it's only a five-minute walk from our holiday park. After a day on the relaxing on the beach, we booked at table at The Station Hotel in Patringham.

After we were all showered we drove to the nearby village and by the time we got there, we were all hungry. Inside to my delight, they were serving a good selection of real ales and ciders. I fancied a refreshing drink and they let me have a little taste of a couple, and I went for a pink cloudy cider. And what a good choice I made. It was one of the loveliest drinks I have enjoyed and was truly gutted when I went back for a second pint and was informed they were now at the bottom of the barrel, and had run out. I wish I had taken a note of the company that made it, but I was quickly called back to the table when our food arrived. The food was good value basic English fair which everyone enjoyed and I would recommend it if you are passing through, and fancy enjoying a traditional British pub with food.

That evening, like we had done every evening before, we went back to our caravan, then dressed into our jim-jams and settled down to watch the live events unfolding during the Rio Olympics. Team GB was in full stride and on the verge of being the first team ever to win more medals at an event after hosting the previous one. It was great family entertainment and a lovely way to unwind before bed.

Next day we woke up to bright sunshine and decided to head just up the coast to Hornsea Beach. We found a spot by the rocks and I settled down with a book to read why the children were soon off splashing about in the freezing cold North Sea as the wife and I took turns to keep a watchful eye on them.

Every now and then they would come running back pestering me to come into the sea until finally I gave in, and joined them. At first, I just went in up to my knees, and boy was it cold, but eventually I took the plunge after both my children took great delight in drenching me with water. It was just a fleeting swim before I returned shivering to the wife. I dried myself out like a lizard in the morning sun as I laid on my towel while voices called out to her to join them in the sea. Finally, she too decided to have a go and for a glorious hour, I had tranquility. No one was pestering me and I could feel my body drain of tension as my head slowly nodded to the side. My breathing deepened and I drifted off into a contented dream world where there were no worries, stress or headaches.

I was awoken by the approaching sound of the family returning, and when I lifted off the baseball cap that had been shielding my face I was presented with a gift. Icecream! A good old fashioned 99 Icecream that had me scrambling to my feet as quickly as it melted in the midday sun.  Once again we had brought a picnic with us and by mid-afternoon, after it had long gone, and the breeze began to gather strength we decided to pack up and walk back to the car. We had booked a table at an Indian restaurant in Withernsea and headed back to our caravan to shower and dress.

It had been a glorious day, but then a storm hit just as we were ready to go out that evening. I ordered a taxi. The restaurant was within walking distance, but it was one of those nasty rain showers that would soak you through to the skin, no matter what coat you're wearing, and no one fancied sitting down to a meal in wet clothes.

We arrived at The Bengal Lancer and ran inside from the taxi as the water poured from the strange mix of grey swirling clouds as the sunshine shot through them in a mega battle for supremacy. It was already busy and we must have booked the last table, which is always a good sign if the locals like it. The decor was modern and the staff friendly. But there was a problem! I don't know if it's because of their religious views, or because they just didn't have a drinks license, but the restaurant did not serve alcohol! They had non-alcohol drinks, but that was it. Then a couple sitting on the next table gently leaned over and said, "They do allow you to bring in your own drinks if you like." I saw someone walk in to join a large table of people while carrying a case of beers. I confirmed with the waiter that it was ok to do this and he seemed happy, so there I was again outside in the rain; running up the high street to the nearest off-licence. When I came outside the sun had won its tussle with the clouds and in the near distance, a rainbow shielded Withernsea from end to end. The first course arrived as the head waiter poured the Rose wine I had purchased into our glasses with perfect timing, and just like his timing the food was perfect. I'm not a great lover of spicy food so normally stick to the lighter stuff like Korma, and my son is the same, but the waiter had suggested some different dishes, and we all really enjoyed the lot.

The rain clouds had disappeared when we left the Bengal lancer so we decided to walk off our meal and when we got back to our caravan we settled into our holiday evening routine of Jim-jams and Rio Olympics. In the months leading up to our holiday, I had been running every day preparing myself for The Norwich 10k Run which I successfully completed. During that time I lost two stone in weight. As I collapsed onto my bed that night with my belly full of delicious Indian food it felt like I had put all the weight back on again, in just five days!

But who cared! I didn't, because I was and holiday, and that's what they're all about.



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