Monday 12 December 2016

Withernsea (The Final Chapter)

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The sun held out for a couple of days as our family holiday quickly came to its end. We had saved a couple of things to do in case it rained, and when the clouds duly arrived we tried out our old favorite of the indoor pool. We paid a visit to The Pavilion Leisure Centre in town. It has a giant slide which the kids just loved, and after some badgering, I went down the slide too before seeking sanctuary in the sauna.

The holiday park had a pool as well. It was small, always packed and very noisy, but you could pay for a private session for half an hour to go tubing. So we booked one the children. We took great delight in standing on the sidelines, laughing at the little one's endeavors to keep upright in the inflatable ring while moving around the pool. They kept slip-sliding about and falling over, and onto each other. 

Then before we knew it the holiday was over and we were packing up the car for the journey home. I took away the temporary draft excluder I had placed around our bedroom window, and as we gave the caravan one last final check after making the beds, we were satisfied we were handing back the keys to it in the same condition in which we found it. As we drove off the site and headed back to Norfolk the children were already asking when they could return! 

The journey home did not quite take as long as the trip up to Withernsea, but it still took longer than it would if we flew from Norwich to Tenerife, and that's where we will be going in 2017. I've already booked it and next week will have made the final payment. But, and for the readers of my Daniel Jones series of books, you will know Mary, one of the lead characters, likes to say, "there is always a but." Because most of the holiday parks allow dogs to be kept on site, and the rest of the family (and eventually myself) did have a good time; we are thinking of booking another week away in a caravan, but this time with the Mother-in-law and her dog Pippen.

Now that should be interesting!



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