Saturday 16 September 2017

It don't get any better

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After last month’s debacle with the dentist, I thought the family holiday in Skegness would help to relieve the frustration of being told I would have to hand over £3000 for my child’s brace. Well after seven days of basically miserable weather on the Lincolnshire coast it did not. The children still had a great time as we endeavoured to keep them occupied, but holidays are not just for children; they’re just as important for the adults, and for me to recharge my batteries I need the sunshine. Like a lizard first thing in the morning that basks on a rock, I need those rays of energy.

So a month has past and so has a wet Skegness but our disappointment with the level of service offered by the local medical services has not. It started with a nosebleed, well, in fact, a constant stream of them. One of the little ones has suffered from sudden bleeds for a year or two but then went for a whole week suffering three or four a day, especially at night and sometimes for up to half an hour. There’s nothing more ruinous for a nights sleep than having to change, and soak, blood-stained bed sheets at 2am in the morning then spend half an hour trying to rub blood out of the carpets. When the wife came down with an ear complaint as well the doctor’s surgery was phoned for a joint appointment.

There was no appointment offered. She was informed by the receptionist that the surgery could not deal with any ear, nose or throat issues and they would have to both go to the walk-in centre in Norwich city centre! She was tired, tearful and upset and eventually, the receptionist found a single appointment for the child only in three weeks’ time.  The wife had to trudge to the walk-in centre. It was made pretty clear that the G.P service was on the verge of collapse because of long-running staff shortages.

What is a sobering thought is that the area covered by this surgery has been allotted for new housing which is bringing thousands of new people into the community. If they can’t cope with who’s here now, how are they going to handle all these new comers? 



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