Friday 13 October 2017


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The school summer holiday memories are disappearing as quickly as the summer heat. The thought of keeping children amused for six and half weeks is fading as quickly as the sun is now setting as everyone hunkers down for the colder, darker winter months that are approaching. I should not complain though about the school holidays because one of the benefits of being a writer is that I get to spend a lot more time at home than the average worker, and being your own boss also means you decided how you are going to use that time.

In fact, I am very grateful for this and appreciate how lucky I am to be able to enjoy the school holidays with my family while a lot of parents dread when the schools are closed. There is one major drawback though; I just don’t get any writing done what-so-ever. Not only just that, but I find it very hard to get back into any type of regular writing routine for three or four weeks afterward. I seem to get distracted by day to day things and I find myself becoming almost Mediterranean in my thought. Every morning I wake up with good intentions of closing myself off in the dining room while I sit at the table all day writing on my laptop; only to find myself by 10 am throwing my arms up in the air and saying “manana.”

Once they are back to school things do not improve too quickly. I spent a week painting the outside window frames with gloss before what little nice weather we had turned into winter. “I will do some writing tomorrow,” I always say to myself only to be distracted by something else.

So now we’re into October and as you read this I should be in full flow on the manuscript to Revenge, the third book in my Daniel Jones series unless of course you are reading this article during the 21st to 29th of October because it is half term again and I can already feel the “manana” coming on

Anyway here are a few pictures from the summer holiday to Skegness to warm the cockles of my heart as we head into winter.

All the fun of the fair on the Pirate Ship at Skegness seafront fun fair and a crazy ride of the good old fashion dodgem cars. 

All the Fun of the travelling Circus and the whole family getting soaked by the King of clowns.

Enjoying a day on Skegness beach with Pippen my Mother-in-laws dog, or as he is known to me and the children, The Pipster.

A day visit to Lincoln. A nice meal in a pub with the family followed by a visit to Lincoln Cathedral, the Castle and the old town.

Good night and God bless.



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