Wednesday 15 August 2018

Thirty degree heat


July was an absolutely stunning month weather-wise for our area and as it carried on into early August, I must admit it was glorious, but beginning to take its toll on me. Don’t get me wrong, if I could I would decamp to the hotter climates of the Mediterranean during our colder, darker winter months. But there is always a but in life and during these long and very hot days, and nights, I have been training hard for the Run Norwich 10K road race, and the heat began to become my enemy number one.

It would have been mad to take long runs between the hours of 10.00 and 18.00 during this heatwave (although I did see some crazy people running at midday as the temperature were hitting thirty plus) and for me it meant having to get up earlier and earlier with every increase in degree of heat.  I tried running later in the day, but found it still very hot and I would get home sweating and looking as if I had been for a swim in the river Yare. I found the best time to run was at seven in the morning, so I would set the alarm for five forty-five to give me time to wake up with a large cup of coffee, and complete my stretching exercises.

Leading up to Run Norwich 2018 I kept checking the advanced weather forecast and found for the first time in my life getting a little bit despondent with the constant wall to wall sunshine that was forecast for the Sunday of the race.

I have completed the Run Norwich 10K before so I knew I could do it, but not in such heat. It absolutely zaps your strength when you run in anything above twenty-one degrees, and can be very dangerous, even a killer, when it hits thirty and above. It was a struggle once you had reached the five-kilometre marker due to the heat, and lots of runners were already having to take walking breaks, but I kept on going because of the simple reason I had my family there watching and cheering, me on at different points along the route and I just did not want to fail in front of them. 

I managed to shave a minute off my previous race time and maybe would have completed it in an even quicker time if  I did not have to stop twice to get loose road chippings out of my running shoes from various roads that the contractors for the County Council have been re-laying recently.

Now I’ve signed up for the Marriott's Way 10k race held in October and I do hope with the cooler climate in Autumn I will be able to beat my personal best. I must admit I have once again got caught with the running bug and at this rate, I might even go doing as crazy as signing up for the Norwich Half Marathon in 2019? 

Watch this space!!!!!!



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