Wednesday 12 December 2018

The Break


The long summer school holidays are over and for most parents, it could not have ended quickly enough. One disadvantage as a writer working from home is that you can easily get distracted by day to day family life and writing goes out the window, but during the summer break I turn this into a luxury by just admitting defeat, and give up completely on writing for the six and half weeks.
In the early days of writing my first award-winning book, FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story, I tried to work through this holiday period, and felt very guilty if I was not beavering all day on my keyboard, then felt frustrated when I had to take time to look after the children, and either keep them entertained, or have to ferry them about. By the time I came to write the sequel, Daniel Jones DOOM, I realised how lucky I was to be able to spend this time with them and how special it is because they are growing up fast, and one day they will have flown the next.

Now I’m writing the third manuscript in the Daniel Jones series of books I just stopped typing for the whole summer holidays, and I am very thankful for being in such a position to be able to do this. I did not feel any quilt and with the glorious sunshine, and balmy warm weather this country enjoyed this year, I could not have wished for more.

This continued as we flew off to Bulgaria for two weeks holiday from Norwich Airport, but like the holidays, the dreamy weather came to a shuddering halt and now we’re back to the wind, rain, grey and miserable conditions we normally expect in the U.K. The children are back at school and I’m now back writing, and as the rain keeps falling outside, I find my thoughts drifting off to sunnier times and my concentration on Daniel Jones faltering.

Hopefully, too you have just as many happy memories of this glorious summer to keep you going through to next year? 



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