Friday 5 October 2012

I Needed Help

It’s very hard to admit that you need help in life. I had finished my manuscript and thought it was the best story ever to be written, but, and as usual it’s a big but, as the rejections came in from the agencies I had approached; I realised I needed a professional review of my manuscript.

I needed help. I needed advice on where I was going wrong. I also needed to communicate with other people who were in the same boat as me.

I started to scan the internet and I was flooded with offers helping to give me advice, but, and as usual there was a catch. Pay lots of money and get all the advice you need.

I decided at first to join an online community of fellow writers and hoped at least I could find the independent, and honest guidance I needed in helping to steer me in the right direction.

I was to learn over the following months that even in online communities that are supposed to be there to help each other, there is always self-interest from the person offering advice, so they can advance their own course.

It was a hard lesson to learn as I searched for fellow free spirits who I hoped would be my guardian angels, and would lead me into the Promised Land of publishing.

Beware my friends.

The internet can be as deadly as the worst dictatorship.

The internet can be as cunning as the wildest beast of the forest.

The internet can as seductive as the snake was on Adam and Eve.

The internet can promise you everything, even more than the most callous and corrupt politician.

The internet can promise you the earth like a new prophet from the bible, but, and as usual there is a big but, it seldom delivers.

Other the next week I hope to pass onto my readers some of the rare occasions when the internet does help and the organisations that are true.


  1. Hi, I agree it's the hardest thing in the world to admit you don't know it all and help may be required. The only problem is where do you get this help from? Like you said there are many people offering to help on the internet but it will cost you money. Like you also said it can be a dangerous place as your money can disapear quicker than your confidence. all the best.

  2. The Russian Bear7 October 2012 at 17:40

    you are correct about the internet the fastest way to loos your money. You have to rely on other peoples and what they say. i hope you will give good advice.

  3. I've never been caught out by a fraud, but I have been stung by one site where they claimed, sigh up for free for your credit report. I did just that and got the first month free, but didn't know until I looked at my bank statement three months later they had started to take out monthly debits. I tried to stop it but they never answerd my emails. In the end my bank stopped them, but I never got my money back. This was from onr of the most respected companies in its business. So be aware!