Tuesday 17 December 2013

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I was still twenty feet from the building and I could hear it already! Yes, one of the most dreadful sounds around; a sound that pierces every nerve in your body, the sound of the dentists drill.

As I walked nearer to the door of the reception the noise of Satan's revenge got louder, and with the dreadful pain I have been suffering over the weekend this was a sound I expected to feel within the hour. Images of that poor person sitting on a fake leather recliner with their mouth wide open while trying not to wiggle with pain filled my head with horror.

Yes in dead, two weeks after having a filling replaced during an emergency visit and my tooth was not only throbbing with pain, but since unwisely chewing  on some gum, my whole jaw was as well.

In was now Monday afternoon three days after that fatal experience with the gum. The previous Friday the whole family had assembled again at the Parish church to watch this time our children's school Christmas carol service. My daughter was performing a solo piece playing her flute while my son was playing in the ukulele group.

I had had some garlic bread with my supper that evening, and thought it wise to suck on some minty fresh gum because I didn't want to stink among the four hundred people in the audience. The show was a great success and at one point it brought tears to my eyes. During all this emotion I forget about my dodgy tooth, and chewed away like a mad man.

We got home quite late after I helped to clear up and put things away. By the time the little ones were in bed, and I sat down on the sofa with the good wife my jaw had started to ache. A nagging ache at first, but like with the wife I thought it would stop in the end, or just go away.

How wrong was I?

I was in agony and swallowed ever pain killer I could find in the house. It did no good. I couldn't get to sleep and spent the night in the lounge with the laptop on while writing a chapter to Daniel Jones Doom the sequel to Frenzy a Daniel Jones story,

Saturday morning I went straight to the local pharmacy and bought two different types of very strong pain killers, plus some special extra strength tooth gel pain relief. I spent the weekend drugged up enough just to numb the pain while not over-dosing at the same time. It shows you how much I was suffering because I really wanted to go to the follow up dentist appointment that had been made after my previous visit.

The pain had spread at one pint all over my jaw from the ear to my throat and felt like I had been abused in a torture chamber. Still, when I heard that driller killer sound of the dentist drill my soul wanted to run away.

I thought I would loose my tooth, but I was only in the building for fifteen minutes with only five minutes in that dreaded chair. I wanted the problem sorted out there and then. I didn't want to have to suffer over the festive period. I wanted to enjoy Christmas pain free, but as I say there is always a but, I'm still suffering at I write this very blog.

The very pretty lady dentist gave me a prescription for some antibiotics to take for a week. She couldn't find anything wrong with my teeth. If it isn't an infection then she stated I would have to have canal-root treatment. It all sounded very painful indeed. Two different visits of up to an hour each, spread over two weeks, while my suspect tooth is drilled to within an inch of it life, the nerves killed off, and the tooth rebuilt sounded like a hellish experience to me.

The only problem is that the nearest date it can be done is in February 2014! another eight weeks of possible pain. So once again it seems I'm always-hanging-around.

The title of my blog sums up very nicely how we mostly lead our lives; we are always hanging around for something although because it is the season to be jolly, and if the antibiotics don't work, then I'm going to buy myself a nice (and large) bottle of brandy because I have heard its one of the best pain killers around.

As they say, every cloud has a silver lining.



P.S my little experiment as I mentioned in my previous blog (It's not looking good) has led to me loosing two pounds in weight in two weeks. Not spectacular I know but if I do need to have further dental treatment, and I carry on shedding pounds then I could loose up to a stone by the time this is all over.

God does work in mysterious ways.

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