Friday 6 December 2013

It's not looking good.

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It's not looking good. Two days after having a filling replaced during an emergency visit to my dentist, and things aren't feeling good.

The first night after my visit I didn't feel any pain. Problem solved thought I! How wrong I was again? It seems that although the numbness from the various mouth injections had worn off it was still having a pain killing effect on the gums around my dodgy tooth.

Twenty four hours later I felt a bit peckish and went to the fridge and buttered a piece of seeded white bread. I took a bit and chewed, but after the fourth, and final bite, I thought I felt a slight tinge of pain in my mouth. As normal I tried to ignore it, but it was no good because by this Wednesday the pain relief had worn off fully, and I was suffering as much pain after my dentist visit as before I went.

On Thursday morning I went to the Denmark CafĂ© for my weekly breakfast treat of two cheese on toast plus mugs of tea, and by the time I left my jaw ached liked I had tried to chew a swarm of angry African killer bees. I was prepared to phone the dentist again for another emergency appointment because having to wait for a week and half for my follow up check seemed to long to wait.

But, and as I say there is always a but, I have decided to wait for the appointment.

Why is this you may well ask? Why would I want to go through another ten days of pain when I could get it looked at within 24 hours? Has Mark King gone into some mad frenzy?

Well the reason is I noticed I suffer the most pain when I eat, that is when I'm chewing. I've also noticed that over the last two days I haven't snacked at all, and I think this is because I don't want to go through the pain that I will suffer. I've also noticed when I eat a main meal I'm chewing very slowly using the other side of my mouth which I don't normally use, and because of this I'm not gulping my food down, and feel fuller after my meal.

People do say there is normally method in most madness so I'm going to try a little experiment. I'm going to see if I will loose any weight over the next ten days!

I suppose it's a bit like people who use those barbaric electric dog collars to train puppies. When they are naughty it gets an electric shock so the puppy thinks twice about doing it again. Well my tooth is the electric collar, if I'm naughty and raid the fridge, or the biscuit tin, then I will suffer pain.

It might sound crazy, but so is giving up a secure job during the worst reason the world has seen since the great depression to write a book when you have no experience. This is just as crazy, so you could say I have a track record in craziness.

Then again I am British and as the old saying goes; only mad-dogs and English men go out in the mid day sun.

I will keep you informed on how I get on over the next week or so.


I don't let know if I will suffer any pain while drinking beer. I have suffered with cold drinks so this weekend I will be keeping to English ale served in the traditional way, and that is at room temperature. If I do suffer why supping my favourite pint of Fat Cat Honey ale then my experiment might not last the ten days.

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