Tuesday 10 December 2013


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For my readers who have followed my weekly postings from the beginning you will know that one of the major events of recent years that has effected the path my life has taken was the death of my father-in-law.

My mother -in-law's life fell apart over just a short few years. The wife's side of the family was small, but very close nit, and in just three years my mother-in-law lost not only her Husband, but her own mother, father, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law. When her only sister moved away to be nearer to her own daughter the cycle was complete.

Other than my bother-in-law there was nobody in her life except for my wife and our two children. The loneliness was so dark the sadness radiated from her soul like a black whole. We have  been her whole life over these dark years especially her grand children. Wow betide any person who dares to upset them in her presence, and that includes me. If I tick off my children for being naughty they run into her protective arms and stay hugged in its security like the star ship Enterprise behind it's shields.

I have suggested over these years that we get her a puppy to keep her company, and hopefully lift her spirits, but as always there's a but, because she has been allergic to animals all her life so has not had a pet she was a little girl. Then one day fait took a funny turn. The good wife and myself were sitting in the vets with our cat waiting for her yearly check up and jabs, when a lady walked in carrying a little fluffy white dog.

It was so cute and we couldn't help but make a fuss of it. The lady said it was a pedigree Bijon and that they make wonderful pets especially for people who suffer from allergies. Well my ears pricked up and I nudged the wife, 'this is just the thing your mother needs.'

She nodded and then we were called into the examination room by the vet, so in we went carrying the box which contained our cat who had been meowing from the moment we left our home.

All was well with Sunny and as I drove back we talked about the prospects of a new friend for my mother-in-law. My dear wife was nervous about it, but nevertheless she spent months on the internet finding out all she could about Bijons, and checking out respectable breeders.

The long and short of this story is that a few a weeks ago my mother-in-law picked up her Bijon puppy and named him Pippin, and last week Pippin made his first visit to our home. He is a white fluff-ball of fun with lovable, but at the same time cheeky brown eyes that just pierces your heart with love.

He ran about our home in a frenzy and chewed on every corner he could find. There was the odd accident in the toilet department,  and by the time he left the house it had been turned up side down, but what fun we all had with him, and we can't wait until he visits again.

The best thing about it all is that when the mother-in-laws car drove away that evening with young pippin peering out of the back window; the dear wife and I were happy in the knowledge that she won't be going home lonely, and would have someone to snuggle with in front of the television that night.

And that is something I am truly thankful for.



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