Friday 18 April 2014

Good Friday

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Today is Good Friday. For some a day of contemplation, for some just a day off from work to go shopping and for others just a normal working day that holds no meaning what so ether. Not only is it the start of Easter it was also the end of a very good week for me when it came to writing.

I have been spending a lot of time on the promotion of my new book Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story while at the same trying to write its sequel Daniel Jones Doom. If you add in daily family life and the demands it makes on your time, especially when you have young children, I found I couldn't spend as much time on writing as I would have liked.

This week it was different. Everyday I was determined to spend at least five hours of my time purely on Daniel Jones Doom and I'm pleased to say I achieved this goal. It was hard at times because its the Easter school holidays so the young ones were a distraction, although one I don't mind having. Sometimes they can drive you crazy, but I can't live life without them.

Also I still have my dodgy tooth. After another visit to the dentist they still didn't remove it. The antibiotics had stopped the pain and now they have given me some extra strong mouth wash, but deep down I still believe the little bugger is going to go.

So all in all not a bad week and the weather has been sunny as well although a bit chilly. I don't plan to do much over the long weekend. Seeing long traffic jams on the news, and even more frustrated people standing at airports and train stations; I'm quite happy to go no further than my feet will carry me

According to the weather people it's going to be the usual type of fair you get the U.K over most Easters and that's cold, rainy, windy weather so for a change I've decided to buy myself a bottle of Port to warm the cockles of my heart as I get down to some more writing while my mind is in a creative frenzy.

So where every you are in the world this Easter period and what every your faith, or non-faith, I wish you all the best.



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