Saturday 12 April 2014

Pain and pleasure

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It has been a week of pain and pleasure. Over the Christmas period and into the new year I suffered terrible tooth ache that drove me to the point of insanity. I was determined to keep my tooth and thus after four visits to the dentist I thought the problem had been sorted out without the need to having my tooth extracted.

For the last two months things having been going well until last Friday when out of the blue the very same tooth started to hurt. The gum underneath became inflamed and once again I suffered terrible pain. It was even worst at night when I lay my head down. Just the simplest of pressure would build up to the point were I would wake up at 2 am with incredible pain in jaw. I would have to get up, take a mouthful of painkillers, and spend the rest of the night sitting in the lounge waiting for relief.

I paid another visit to the dentist who put me on antibiotics and told me my tooth will finally need to come out. So next Tuesday I'm booked into for a sixth time at the dentist and the tooth will be pulled. The worst part about it is that I have been so tired during the day I have been unable to do my normal routine. No visits to the gym, no writing on my new manuscript, Daniel Jones Doom, and yesterday no Friday posting at always-hanging-around. 

So that has been the pain but there has also been pleasure, and this bit involves my son whose birthday it was this week. It was such a joy to have all his presents and cards waiting on our bed for him first thing in the morning. I brewed some tea and the wife, my daughter and I sat in bed seeping our early morning brew while we watched our very excited son open all his gifts. The sear joy on his face was better than any pain killer invented by mankind.

Later in the day he had his birthday party with his friends. It's the Easter holidays in the U.K so through out the day family members visited, and at the end of the day we all sat around to enjoy pizza and garlic bread finished of with lashings of home made chocolate birthday cake proudly provided by his gran-mother.

His was allowed to stay up for an extra hour as a treat so he could carry on making his new Lego set, and by the time my head hot the pillow that evening I was too tired to worry about the pain in my jaw; that was until I woke up again at 2 am in pain.

So I'm sorry my posting is a day late but hopefully by next Friday I will be pain free alas also a tooth-less.



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