Sunday 17 August 2014

Tunisia Part 1

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The alarm went off at 3am and as soon as it was turned off I jumped out of bed. No time for a snooze, but I didn't want one anyway. The taxi had been booked the day before and it was due to arrive in an hour to pick up the family to take us to Norwich airport. I was tired and the wife was too. We didn't sleep too well, I don't know if it was the worry of over sleeping or just excitement; like being a child on Christmas eve. Our kids on the other hand had gone to bed early and slept through the night without a break.

The bags were already packed the night before. We only had our wash gear to pack once we ready to go, and on time the taxi appeared outside our home. By 4.30 we arrived at Norwich airport as required two hours before our flight and walked into the terminal all excited loaded up with a trolley full of baggage. We thought we would be some of the first people to arrive, but there were already four long lines of happy, if tired, people waiting patiently for their turn to check in. 

The flight left on time and the plane journey soon passed by. We arrived in Tunisia without a hitch, and after a frustrating time trying to get through the terribly slow pass-port control, the feel of 36 degree heat hit my flesh as we walked to our awaiting coach. The children feel asleep on the way to our hotel, but I eagerly viewed the landscape as it rushed by. The country side it was you would expect in North Africa, but the built up areas were a bit of an eye opener. The closer you got the more rubbish and debris was strewn across the land and some of the houses looked as if they had been built on one large rubbish tip. When I say built this is an under statement because most are only half built. The tour guild did inform us that the half built homes were a cultural thing to do with Tunisian families all living in the same house. As they expand they keep on building upwards with another floor added as different generations come along so the homes are never finished.

We are a close family but the thought of having three or even four generations living under the same roof is even a bit too close for me.

By 2 pm we arrived at the Hotel Tropicana without a hitch and were greeted by the staff with a drink. By 3 pm the bags were unpacked, we were all in our swimmers, and covered in lotion, before heading off down the pool to find some sun lounges. Luckily there was the odd one here and there which we pulled together under a poolside umbrella and while the wife and I settled down the children jumped straight into the pool. By the time the sun started to set and we decided it was time to head back to our room the children had already made new friends and I felt relaxed, happy and looking forward to a great meal in our all-inclusive hotel.  Happy days, but were they to last?



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