Saturday 23 August 2014

Tunisia Part 2

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I decided that every morning I would go for a swim as soon as I woke up while the rest of the family had a lay in. Back in the U.K I'm normally up at the crack of dawn and although you go to bed a lot later on holiday with a belly fool of food, and alcohol, I still wake up earlier then the rest of the clan.

The first twenty four hours in Tunisia were what you expect on the first day of any holiday. You start off by planning to take it easy, but like I say there is always a but, when you are all-inclusive you can't but pig out on all the delights that were set out for us for breakfast, lunch and supper. Then you have the all day bar with a constant flow of drinks and bar snacks.

So in the morning it was pay back time for my waist line. The pool opened at eight in the morning and I was the first there, although by the amount of towels laid out on the sun beds you would have expected the pool to be full to the brim with other people. Now I don't believe in stereotyping people, but there were a lot of French people staying in the hotel who didn't make it to the pool until lunch time, but always had a sun bed to use even though they had all been taken by 10 am.

Never mind I reserved four sun beds for my family and didn't feel guilty about it because I was splashing my way up and down the pool before anyone else.

By day two my son and daughter had made new friends with the other children and spent all day in the pool. They enjoyed themselves but as children do they took  no notice of my wife's constant warnings to cover up. She kept plastering them in factor 50 sun-cream and made sure they were in all in one body swim suits,but they refused to use hats and by day two both had suffered from one form of sun burn somewhere on their face.

My son got on very well with one particular lad and by day two we became friends with the Bertram’s from Exeter, a wonderful family with two young children like ourselves. Their father was quick witted and their mother graceful, and while the children spent all day in the pool having endless fun; one of us would act like a meerkat keeping a watchful eye on them as the other three relaxed on the sun lounges soaking up the sun, reading, or just chatting.

In the evening we sat under the stars by the poolside bar enjoying a drink and finding out about each other lives as the little ones ran about, and played, carefree without a worry in the world. It was a nice mixture of friendship while at the same time still having enough space and doing our own things without being in each other’s way. 

It couldn't get any better and that was the problem when you are at the top there is only one way to go and that's down. Would the rest of the holiday go as well? To find out you will have to check the next post!



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