Monday 1 September 2014

Tunisia Part Three (up,up and away)

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It started with the soup!

I had decided I would start with a bowl of soup before every evening meal so I wouldn't be so tempted to over-fill my plate when I visited the buffet bar. It was day four and so far the family had been able to miss the dreaded deli-belly. I'm not a great lover of spicy food and the soup didn't taste too spicy that evening as I enjoyed it with some bread rolls, but once it had settled my belly began to burn.

Now you do have to take a risk with eating soup in an all-inclusive hotel because there is a good chance it has been made with the left overs from lunch, and it could have been the case on this occasion, or it may have just been made with a local, and very hot spice! By the time I had finished and had made my way to the poolside bar I was suffering from indigestion. Even a couple of cold beers couldn't quench the fire that was flaming in my gut and in the morning my back-side was on fire too.

Deli-belly, the runs, squits, call it what you like, but one thing I wouldn't call it is enjoyable. My good lady had packed the medical kit and over the remaining holiday I used up all the tablets packed for such an emergency. In fact two weeks after my return I still hadn't made a full recovery and had to make the odd emergency visit to the loo. The flight home was the biggest worry as anyone who has been in the same situation will know. But like the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining.

The wife and daughter wanted to go paragliding and had been bugging me to try it out. Now I don't like heights and I didn't want to go up. I know I say I will try anything once, and if I like it I will try it again, and if I don' then I won't, but on this occasion I had an excuse. 

Yes; you have guest it. I told them both I would have done it, but I couldn't take the risk of getting caught sort stuck up hundreds of feet above the Mediterranean sea just in case I had a call of nature. 

The wife and daughter went up, up and away together as seen in the above picture while the son and I rode in the speed boat that dragged them out to sea. We got soaking wet and the boy enjoyed the experience as much my daughter. I just hope when he is a little bit older he doesn't bug me to take him up. If he does then I will have to eat plenty of soup and hope for the worse.



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