Friday 21 November 2014

The turn around begings

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Slowly, very slowly I have have been climbing out of the pit of despair. On Tuesday the burial was held for my niece's child that died during child-birth. The ceremony was held at St Micheal's Church in Oulton Broad. A medieval church that when constructed would have been in a rural parish, but is now on the edge of a major town of Lowestoft that has spread up to it since the 70's.

It was a cold, but sunny day, and the doom could be felt by everyone that turned up. It was a simple service, but one that allowed everyone present to shed their grief. I have now been to two family funerals in the space of two weeks. One a secular cremation for my step-father, and the other a church burial. I must admit that although I shed tears during both ceremonies, I do find a church service more powerful that a secular service. It doesn't matter if you are buried, or cremated, after the church service; I just find that with a religious service when the priest stands there, and talks about the after life, you have more hope that there is a point to life than if you are just there, and here about the good points of somebodies life, which is all they do during a secular service.

Either way it's still two moments in my life I wished I could avoid, but as the saying goes; 'the only two things in life you can't avoid are death and taxes.' This sentence out of all the famous sayings, or words of advice, or doctrine is probable the the most truthful thing of all time. It doesn't matter what religion you believe in, what faith you have, or if you are an atheist, there is no escaping the fact that life comes down to paying tax, for most people, and then death.

I'm sorry if I sound pessimistic today, but when you suffer two deaths in  family as close as ours, within seven days, that's how you end up feeling. But then again the family can be more powerful than the tax man, and more powerful than death; because the family lives on from one generation to the next. And that is the whole point of life.



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