Sunday 9 November 2014

The proof read.

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Life has to get back to normal quite quickly even after events that leave you in a state of shock. Within days of my step-dad's funeral I received back from the publishers the manuscript to Daniel Jones DOOM the sequel to FRENZY a Daniel Jones Story. It has been type set in the format ready for publishing and I have to go through it, line for line, to check for errors and proof read the story.

At the same time the first design for the front cover also popped into my email account. It wasn't a hard process as I already had in my mind the picture of the cover. I wanted to keep it simple like the cover for Frenzy and in the same style. The only difference was I wanted the main back ground cover to be a silver tint in place of gold.

It only took two attempts by the designer and it was done, and below you can be the first members of the public to see it in the world. The proof reading is a bit of a slog because you can't have any distractions. You need to focus on every word. That means no television or radio in the back ground, and more importantly no children running about with all the noise they make, even when they are trying to be quite. 

I would like Daniel Jones Doom to come out for general sale by the end of the year, so need to get cracking on because as the adverts on the television prove; Christmas is only around the corner and the year is fast approaching its final swan song. Before you know it 2014 will turn into 2015. So next week I will be working hard to finish the proof reading, and nothing can be allowed to get in my way, including decorating my son's bedroom. So the wife will have to put on her old jeans and T-short and get covered in paint.

Now that's one job I don't mind not having to do.



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