Friday 28 November 2014

And before you know it Christmas will be here.

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No matter how much you try to ignore the on rush of Christmas which seems to run from the 1st of October to the 1st of January if you are to believe the adverts in the media; the harder it becomes as the first few adverts that appear becomes a deluge before the big day arrives. For the children it's the time of year for writing their Christmas list and which will keep them occupied, and happy, on a rainy Sunday afternoon as they ponder the delights of the presents they want.

Now as they get older the days are gone when colouring pens, books on Bob the Builder and fairy stories, or small cars and simple board games topped their lists. Now it’s mobile phones, iPads, a pet dog, gaming machines plus all the games that go with them and money too. The more time they sit, nice and quiet, scribbling away the longer the lists becomes, and the more poor old Santa Claus will have to work over time to pay off all his elves.

This change didn't happen slowly as the years passed, but came about this year. Suddenly that little baby you once cuddled in your arms becomes a little child, and then suddenly they become grown up children, and before you know it they will be teenagers. I ponder to think what their lists will be like then. Maybe Santa will have to exchange his poor little old slay for a gleaming new big four by four to carry all those gifts? Now that would be a present indeed and one Father Christmas truly deserves! Of course there is always the mince pie and sherry (a big double measure) for him to look forward to until that day arrives.

Today in the U.K we have been hit by a shopping craze that first appeared a year or two ago and this year has hit the nation like a fist in the face. It was imported from America and that is Black Friday. The media have been hyping it this year to the point where at 00.01 am this morning people were fighting in the shops in a mad Frenzy to get to shelves so they could spend their money. Police had to be called and in some cases the shops closed so the whole point of the exercise was lost. 

Are people mad? Or are we as a species doomed? Or maybe we are both, and thus doomed to destroy ourselves because of our own madness? 

Read Frenzy a Daniel Jones Story an the upcoming sequel Daniel Jones Doom and you may just find out the answer.



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