Friday 9 January 2015


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The decorations are down and packed away for another year. The family lounge now looks bare and with the grey, and cold, wintry weather blustering outside it's not the time to look back over 2014 with negative eyes, but to look forward to 2015 with positive eyes.

The children are back to school so now for a short period during the day there is enough piece and quite to concentrate on the all the hard work involved that all authors do in self promoting their works, and with the release of Daniel Jones Doom at the end of December their is plenty of work for me to do.

Christmas was hectic, but enjoyable, although when I climbed the stepladders on a cold Sunday morning to take down the outside fairy lights I was glad it was all over. There are only so many nuts, chocolate, sweats and cheese you can eat before the thought of a hard workout in the gym becomes ever more appealing by the minute.

So here we are. 2015 has arrived. You can never tell what the future holds although history can give a sneaky preview. All I know for certain is that the up and coming year will have high moments and also low moments. I just pray there will be more highs than lows.

What I also wish for is that all my readers at Always-hanging-around will be with me for the following year as we travel through life together. Also that you all enjoy reading Daniel Jones Doom, and that it brings you as much pleasure at it brought me in writing the manuscript and bringing this story into being, and the characters alive.

I know one other thing and that's life won't be dull in the King household during the next year.

So I wish you, your family and your friends all the best for 2015, and may your highs be many and your lows be few.




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