Sunday 25 January 2015

You live by the sword, you die by the ?

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The recent events in Paris, with people killing people while trying to use faith to justify their actions, has been in the world wide media to the point that has sent the western world into a frenzy. I look on life with a positive eye, and when I see terrible things happen between the human the race it just goes to prove to me that being negative only produces negative results.

The terrorists actions in Paris were a terrible event, but one that can be added to many such things that have occurred throughout human history. The word assassin  comes from biblical times when the people in power had to look over their shoulders in-case they were stabbed in the back by some unknown person. Just look at Julies Cesar. The assassin's have now become the terrorists.

What I find even more frightening is not what happened, but the response of our rulers. For centuries the ordinary folk on the street have been fighting the people at the top to gain some freedoms; let in the last thirty years these basic rights of man-kind have been eroded in the name of democracy. Every time there's an outrage we are expected to give even more power to the top people so they can supposedly make us safe!

For the last twenty years the British security service have been requesting unlimited powers to monitor the most basic freedom of all, and that's the basic right to privacy. Without privacy of the individual you have no freedom. The Nazis in the 1930 understood this, and that's why they made all Jews wear the Star of David. The Jew was no longer a private citizen, but somebody that could be identified, and thus abused.

What I find to be a double standard is that every time someone causes an act of terror we find out later on that they were known to the powers to be in the first place, but they never took any actions! It does make me think that maybe they let these people carry out these terrible deeds so our masters can then use this to gain more control over us, the individual, and thus regained what they see as their historical right to rule without challenge.

The most dangerous sentence in the English language is. "If you have done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear." Why is this so dangerous? Because it turns on its head the simplest requirement for all freedom. You are Innocent until proven guilt. This sentence states that you are guilty until you prove you are  innocent.

It's such a small change in the British way of life 99% of the population will never notice, and thus will agree to it by default by their failure to act against it.

Don't let the terrorists win by giving more power to the people at the top to control our lives.



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