Friday 16 January 2015

Back to school, but not for long.

The children went back to school after the Christmas break on the 5th of January and although it was a hectic, but enjoyable, holiday I was glad to get back to some normality. I sat down enjoying the piece and quite with a hot mug of tea answering questions to my latest interview for my new book, Daniel Jones Doom, on my laptop when the wife set down some old letters next to me.

She had decided it was time to go through them and recycle some. Most were letters from various groups and the school with dates and information on them. One she did keep had all the school holiday terms for 2015 and when she left the room to answer the phone I took a quick peek at it. I looked and then took a double take at the dates. The next holiday term was only six weeks away! Six weeks, that’s it! As a parent the school holidays seem to come around too quickly, but as a child I remembered it seemed the other way around, and took ages to arrive.

We had one week’s grace before all the groups the children attend started and King’s taxi service had to resume which felt like a small luxury, but one we knew would not last for long. As they grow older more things spike their interest and the more things they like to try. This only means more groups they potentially want to attend, and so the more time us parents have to sacrifice to full fill these new desires. On the one hand it’s great for any child’s development, but on the other it can be hard work, not just with your time, but also financially, but it’s something well worth making the sacrifice for.  



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