Friday 27 July 2012

I just don't know

My next blog was going to be called; Jokers Corner, but as the words started to flow I was sitting in front of the television with my laptop resting on my knees as I, along with another billion people world-wide, waited eagerly for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics.

I started to wonder what type of show we would get for the twenty six million pounds it cost to produce. Would it have thousands of pulsating drummers with death defying acrobats like the last Olympics in China? Would it have the glitz and glamour with shooting rocket-men like the Los Angeles Olympics? Would it even have the coordinated symmetry of the Moscow Olympics?

Well as I watched it I thought to myself what image is this show giving to the rest of the world about life in Great Britain?

I just don’t know, as someone who comes from this fair-shore, it started off resembling some Orwellian nightmare before progressing to sick children. When I heard the song, I’m a Fire Starter; being played it reminded me of the London riots last summer when the city went up in flames.

I think for most people around the world they will have been left baffled, but then maybe that’s the best way to sum up the British; baffling!

I just don’t know. I think I could find a better way to spend twenty six million pounds. A good start is maybe the children’s ward at my local hospital which has to cut services because of austerity measures needed to help pay the bill for bailing out the finance industry.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the show and I will cheer things up a bit with my next blog; Jokers Corner.


  1. I liked the opening although I think the chinese put on a better show.

  2. I liked the show and was very impressed but agree on your theme about was it worth spending 27 million. As compared to other opening events I think anyting from China is always impressive.

  3. China is the way of the future, all the london show did look to the past. I think that must tell us something?

  4. american friend30 July 2012 at 20:28

    It was a lot of money to spend but then if a billion people get a benefit from it then its worth it especialy when you think of the money which is wasted by goverments all over the world.