Wednesday 4 July 2012

It's offical

There it was in front of me, my official letter from the H.R department from the company I worked for stating my last day in their employment would be Saturday the 7th of May 2011. I had resigned back in February giving them six weeks’ notice (I had miss-read the damn contract and could have got away with just four) but it didn’t matter. Repeatedly I was asked if I could stay on for just another couple of weeks, “until we have found your replacement and you have trained them up.” Doubt could have risen within my mind, “was I doing the right thing in giving up a secure job,” but no, I knew if I ever wanted to succeed at writing a book and getting it published it would have to be a case of shit or bust. Either way I was going to give it all I had.

Just the word H.R should be enough to get any self-respecting person off their back-side and go follow some dream. Human Resource, what is that? A resource is a commodity which is exploited, like oil, gas, gold or grain; those two words summed it all up for me. I am a person, an individual, and I was no longer going to be exploited. Looking back how naive was I?

These extra weeks at work passed slowly, and I tried to bluff myself that it wouldn’t have any effect on the positive mood I had built up during the preceding months, before I handed in my resignation. But and there is always a but, my body told me something different, because when I worry my muscles slowly tighten, and in mid-April I awoke one Wednesday with a stiff back, and by Lunch time I was in so much agony I could not move.

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