Friday 3 October 2014

A smack on the nose

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There were so many different things I could have chosen this week to talk about on always-hanging-around. The week started of badly when I pulled a muscle in my back why jogging at the gym and then on Monday I couldn't get to sleep. I'm working my way through the editor's copy of Daniel Jones Doom and it was in my head. I laid in bed thinking about it while tossing and turning. I finally got out of bed at 12.30 am, and then spent the rest of the night sitting in the lounge with the laptop on.

Tuesday didn't get any better. I was exhausted, but had to help with a funeral service at the the parish church before heading to Carrow Road the home of Norwich City F.C to carry out my steward duties. I work in the away section and that night we played a team for  south London called Charlton Athletic. Norwich played their socks off and were all over the other team. We had a goal disallowed and should have been awarded two penalties. But as I say there is always a but, and in the dying minutes of the game Charlton counter attacked and scored a goal. The away fans next to me went wild and I could feel the anger winding up inside. By the time I got home I was ready for bed but the lights didn't go out until midnight and then the dear wife didn't feel too well so by 1.30pm we were both up again. In fact I didn't get another nights sleep so by Wednesday afternoon I was at least 14 hours short of what I would have normally enjoyed.

It could only get better I thought, but once again the but came in, and how wrong was I! 

I got a phone call with some news. It concerned my step-father, someone who I am very close to. It was to inform me that he had liver cancer. He had been ill for some months and looked more poorly by the week, but the news was horrendous. It was a smack on the nose as hard as I have ever suffered, and I've had the odd smack there; believe me.

My voice started to wobble as I tried to hold back the tears, but it was no good, and I had no choice but to drop the phone; it landed on my lap. My step father's name is William Cassidy although he has always been known as Tadger. For readers of Frenzy a Daniel Jones story you will know him as Badger because this character is based on Tadger. In Daniel Jones Doom the sequel you get to see more of Badger and the friendship he has with Daniel's father John. The phone call is just the first chapter in my personal story that will now unfold over the next few months. Not only for me but also for my mother, and all the other family members, and friends who love Tadger.

We haven't told the children but are taking them over on Sunday to see him. Life can be good but when you receive news like this about a loved one nothing you do seems to take away the numb feeling that take holds of all your senses. You eat but you don't taste, you drink but you don't get jolly, you look but you don't take anything in, you listen but you don't hear what is being said. We aren't the only people now going through this experience and if you are too then I can honestly say I don't know what words will make you feel any better at this moment in time.



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