Friday 6 March 2015


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Birthdays seem to come around as quickly as the school holidays and as you are just about recovering from the Christmas spending spree it all starts again. You have your daily house hold bills, and then you have the one offs like new carpets, or a car; then you have the special things to pay for like anniversaries and this can cause emotional conflict. Do you give your little ones a day to remember on their birthday, or do you splash your hard earned money on a new carpet?

It’s a conflict most parents face.  In the space of a month there are three birthdays in the family. At the same time the good wife has wanted to replace the original carpet on the stairs, and in the hallway, which was laid when our present home was built over twenty years ago. We’ve had a hectic few weekends looking around carpet shops and party venues that cater so well for young children today. These type of venues just didn't exist when I was growing up in the seventies. Hours were spent with the calculator working out if we could afford this style of carpet with that type of birthday event, but in the end we did it.

We managed to square all the circles and come up with a solution to everyone’s desires. As you read this article we will have had fitted new floor coverings for the stairs and hallway, supplied and fitted, by Bateman’s Carpets in Norwich. The invites to the children’s birthday parties will have been sent out too. Of course now we have to find the money to fund the presents. In this department the children were more than happy to help with their birthday wish list. They managed to both get these in front of us as soon as Christmas was out the way. Don't get me wrong, my little ones aren't spoiled by us. If they want something we encourage them to save up for it and then they can pay for what ever they want, within reason. We also make sure they have worked for their weekly pocket money. They have to keep their bedrooms tidy everyday and be polite to people, although it doesn't seem to work when it comes to winding each other up. They have to do well at school and if they achieve something special then they get a little bit extra. 

That’s the wife and children satisfied. As for me? Well my dream of a little place in the sun, somewhere in the Mediterranean, where I can escape during the cold winter months so I can concentrate on writing my third book in the series after Daniel Jones Doom will just have to wait for another year or two!



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