Friday 27 March 2015

You never know who will pop in

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Last Friday afternoon I popped into my local pub the Fat Cat and Canary to have a drink and meet up with friends, especially my mate John Butcher. I have inspired him to take up writing after successfully getting my two books published, Frenzy a Daniel Jones story and the sequel Daniel Jones Doom. He has finished his first manuscript and is now in the rewrite stage. It's a historical piece of fiction based on true events that happened in Norwich during the first centuries after the Norman invasion when Norwich grew to becomes England's second city. 

There I was supping my pint of ale when in walked Delia Smith with her husband. Now for my followers in the U.K you will know that she is one of the countries top cookery writers and T.V personalities when it comes to cooking in this country. For my readers abroad I don't know if you will have heard of Delia Smith, but if you like British Football (or Soccer to my  U.S cousins) you will know she is also the owner of my local football team, the mighty Canaries who play at Carrow Road in green and yellow under the banner of Norwich City F.C. Delia is a legend in this part of the country and what is affectionately called a national treasure.

As the evening unfolded we got talking about our combined love of N.C.F.C and of writing. Later on when the good wife turned up in the car with the children, after visiting the mother-in-law, Delia Smith posed for pictures with my family, and took great delight in hearing they are true Norwich supporters. 

You never know who will pop into your life, and moments like these can only really happen if you are out there experiencing the world, and not just sitting in front of the television expecting it to do it for you. Local pubs are closing down in U.K at an alarming rate due to greedy landlords and incompetent governments of all political persuasions. So do something different and your local a good turn at the same time, and take some hours out from in front of the T.V box, and pop down to your local for a social drink and a chat, even if it's for a soft drink and a packet of crisps.

Because you never know who will pop in!



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